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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Welcome to Dee Julian

Good Morning Dee. It’s lovely to have you here today. Here is a bit about her.
Dee Julian lives in Memphis, TN with her husband, two children, and four dogs. A typical Virgo, she is passionate about everything she does. She is currently working on the synopsis for her second historical romance entitled Promise Me.

Dee’s Website
Dee’s Weekly Blurb Party:

So tell me Dee, what made you write your first novel?

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I had this one story playing out in my head like a movie. I thought once I reached the end that that would be it, and soon the story would be forgotten. Wrong! The ending was just the beginning for me.

I have so many things that inspire me to write. People, nature, animals. Who or what inspires you?

Romantic movies that end badly. It’s not really a romance to me if it ends without the “happily ever after” stamp of approval on it. I mean, the hero is not supposed to die, and the pregnant heroine is not supposed to marry his best friend and they walk off into the sunset holding hands, right? That’s not romance. It’s a tragedy.
LOL A true romantic. What made you write your latest book?
My first novel is currently my only release, but I’ve finished my second historical, and right now I’m working on the synopsis to that one. But to answer your question, it was another one of those stories that got caught inside my head, and I couldn’t sleep until I put it down on paper. I’ve always loved reading historical romance, and so that’s the genre I’m drawn to. I’m quite comfortable there. I especially love setting my stories in England or Scotland between the 18th and 19th centuries.

Me too. I love Historicals. Can you tell us what your books about?

Sure, I’d love to. Here’s the blurb from Promise Me:
When a hasty promise to her dying fiancé jeopardizes the future of his illegitimate child, Lady Leah Sheridan vows to make amends for the gentleman’s lack of honor by personally seeing to his son’s financial needs. One year later, the boy’s heartless mother abandons him. As Leah finds herself nearing a disastrous scandal, her fiancé’s older brother returns to England demanding answers she swore never to divulge. Will Leah break her promise and confide in the only man who can keep her safe?

I love the sound of that. I’m sure others will to. Where can your followers find you?

I’m on Facebook, but they can contact me through my website and I also host a blurb party for wonderfully talented authors. You’ll be there in a few weeks. What’s a blurb party, someone might ask? Visit here to find out. Leave a comment, if you like.

Let’s talk more about your book. Who is your favourite character and why?

In The Macgregor’s Daughter, that character would have to be Edwina. She’s a secondary character who is part seer, part queen, and part witch. She has a wicked sense of humor, and she uses subtlety and/or reverse psychology to make others do her bidding. Especially stubborn Scotsmen. In Promise Me, my favorite character would have to be the sexy and confident hero, Nicolas. He may be slow to come to terms with what he wants, but when he finally decides he wants it, he knows exactly how to get it.
A writers life can sometimes be lonely. What do you do to overcome the loneliness?
I’m rolling on the floor with this one, Margaret. In my house, everyone is on a different schedule so there is no being alone. My adult kids are both in and out all day and half the night with college and work. And my dear husband? He waits until after dinner when I’m lost in my creation before he asks about the whereabouts of his favorite pyjamas, his socks, how the watermelons are growing, when we’re going to take the deck boat out again, or insists on telling me how many stairs he climbed that day. Don’t get me wrong. I love my family and my life. I wouldn’t trade it. Or them. But time alone? Not sure what that is.

Oh goodness me. Your household is a busy one. Do you have any advice for new writers?

Well, I’m not sure I’m qualified to answer that question but here goes. It’s easy to get discouraged in this line of business, but as long as you love what you’re doing and you believe in your writing, keep pressing on. Keep the big picture of being published in front of you at all times. It only takes one editor or agent to fall in love with your story. Find a critique partner who is supportive but firm. Always, always hone your craft. There’s no shame in pursuing perfection. Enter reputable writing contests to receive honest feedback. Warning…you are going to receive more than your share of advice. Use only the suggestions that fit your story and your style of writing. Leave the rest, as they say, on the cutting room floor.

Did you always want to be a writer? If not what did you want to be when you left school?

When I graduated high school, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study next. In fact, I was tired of studying. I married a generous man who allowed me the luxury to do whatever my heart desired. I finally ended up taking several Accounting courses but after about ten years in that particular field, I grew bored and moved on to writing.

Thanks so much for popping by Dee. Before you go tell us what actor/actress gets your pulses racing.

Johnny Depp. Not only is he a witty and a fantastic actor, but he has those sexy, gorgeous black eyes and when they stare at you………………………………………………………………..sorry, what was the question?

LOL earth to Dee. Good choice!!!!

Thank you, Margaret. I enjoyed the interview. Best of luck with your writing.

Thanks Dee


  1. Hello Dee,
    Your Edwina character sounds like my kind of gal. lol. Complicated yet fun. I'll bet she was fun to write about.
    The novel sounds interesting. And I know what you mean about never 'alone' time. My hubby sounds like yours, forever with the interuptions.
    Lovely post, good luck with your novel.

  2. Thank you, Lorrie. Our husbands are likely related somewhere down the line. (lol) This may sound strange, but I had the most fun writing scenes involving little old gray-haired Edwina. She was spunky and quick-wicked. The strict rules of honor that governed my hero and heroine did not pertain to her. Maybe that's why I enjoyed writing her scenes so much.

  3. Great interview ladies! It's always wonderful learning a bit more about you Dee! Stubborn Scotsmen and Johnny Depp - ahhh! Congrats on finishing your second novel! Wishing you much success.

  4. Wonderful interview! Nice to meet you Dee and learn more about you. I also don't care much for romance movies that don't have a happily ever after.

    Congrats on your book and best of luck.

  5. Your book sounds great, will be adding it to my wish list. Love strong characters and Johnny Depp. Must be that Virgo in you.

  6. Is it raining in Memphis like it is in Los Angeles? Yeah, it's raining in Los Angeles. (sigh) I want to sun. Damn it! LOL

  7. BTW, once things settle down, I am setting aside some time to read The Macgregor's Daughter. Promise Me sounds like it's going to be great, Dee. :)

  8. Great interview Dee and congrats on your first release! :)

  9. Thanks, everyone, for being so kind with your well wishes. So sorry for your rain, AA. The weather here in Memphis is hot and muggy. About normal for this time of year.



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