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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Welcome to Wayne Farquhar

Good Morning Wayne. The sun is shining along the Kent coast of England, so pull up a chair and let’s book talk.

Here is a bit about Wayne Farquhar

Wayne Farquhar is a 28-year veteran working with the San Jose Police Department in California. He has worked through the ranks from officer to lieutenant with detective assignments in Sexual Assaults,Homicide and Internal Affairs. He has also worked undercover assignments in Child Exploitation, Child Pornography and Vice. He spent 10 years as a street cop and hostage negotiator. Wayne has worked on Federal Task Forces with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). He has appeared on national television, /America’s Most Wanted/ on a murder investigation. BLOOD OVER BADGE is his first effort in crime-thriller fiction, and he hopes to write more books and speak to larger audiences about his experiences in law enforcement. Wayne lives with his family in the San Francisco Bay Area.

If you would like to formally invite Wayne to speak about BLOOD OVER
BADGE or law enforcement to your organization, association, conference
or expo, please send an email to

So tell me first of all, what drew you to write in your current genre?

I was drawn into this genre because I’ve spent my entire career chasing crooks and being a cop-detective. It’s an exciting profession and its fun to write about the crazy things that happen in the police world.

Wow, what a mind blowing profession. You seem so young to have fingers in many pies in the police force. So how many books have you written to date and are they all in the same genre?

Blood Over Badge is my first stab at writing a novel. I’m fortunate that so many people have found the story compelling.

Have you got any reviews about this book. Can we see them?

The reviews are on Amazon and listed under my book title. I also have reviews linked from my website. I’ve asked the computer experts about linking the reviews directly to this site. I’m sorry I’m not very skilled at the high tech stuff.

Ah, but I am lol. Here they are everyone.

How much time do you spent on plotting etc before you start writing?

The main and sub-plots come to me quickly and I start writing. I don’t struggle for story ideas. I focus and spend much more time figuring out the pacing and tempo of dropping clues.

Do you think that writing comes easy to you? Can you see it as a future profession over the police force?

I won’t say writing is easy for me: Especially when looking at comments from my editors. (lol) Bottom line: I enjoy writing. Fortunately, I don’t have to write to make a living. I’d starve if that was the case. I’m entirely motivated by my love to write. It’s clearly a process of learning and it comes in stages. I don’t know where writing will take me. Actually, that’s the best part of the ride. I have no idea where it’s going!

When the sun shines I go off to the beach with my laptop to work. Where do you do most of your writing?

I write in my home office. Fortunately, I’m able to block out distractions and bury myself in writing. I’m extremely focused when I write. I tend to be oblivious to everything going on around me when I’m in the writing mode.

Looking back, What is the worst thing you have ever written?

Every “first draft” is the newest “worst thing” I’ve ever written. For me, first drafts are always rough. The more I scrap during review, the better it gets. By better, I mean leaner, cleaner and sharper. I’m not afraid to let the words and ideas flow while writing the first draft. I don’t edit at the end of my writing day. I edit at the beginning of my next writing day. I edit what I wrote the day before and then move the story forward with the next block of writing.

That sounds like a good plan. I mostly write the whole book and then dive back in to edit and delete. It saves me so much time that way. So tell me about Blood Over Badge

Press Release:


To buy.

The novel puts you in the driver’s seat of a high profile homicide investigation. As a writer, I don’t want to leave you, the reader, rubber-necking on the side of the road. I want you front and center with my detectives…and my criminals. The characters are composites of every cop and crook I’ve ever known. The shootings, killings and investigation are my way of walking a reader through the daily life of a cop. For this reason, I didn’t hold back in my writing style. The dialogue is true “locker room” cop talk. The voices and thoughts of the criminals in the story are words I’ve heard repeatedly over the decades. The result is a gritty crime novel.

It sounds fabulous. Do you have an excerpt to whet our reader’s appetites?

I’ve clipped a piece from a prison scene. The problem with clipping scenes is they’re taken out of context and have no build-up. With that said:

Justin carried the wick out and showed it to Kyle. He smiled, and
held the wick in front of Kyle’s face.
Kyle stood, expressionless.
“What’s this doin’ in your vent, Sanders?”
“I know its burnin’ asshole! What do you need it for?”
Justin found no other contraband. “What do you have to smoke?”
“Sometimes a cigarette, sometimes crank.”
“You’re getting rolled up for this, Sanders. It’ll cost you thirty days
in the hole.”
Kyle’s steely eyes bore through Justin’s glare. Justin realized Kyle
Sanders couldn’t give a fuck about anything in life. Justin stared back
until the icy words broke the silence.
“Oh yeah.” Kyle flashed his dirty jagged teeth. “There is one other
reason ... I keep it there in case I need to light some asshole on fire.”
Then he smiled.

How can your readers keep up with your news?

Readers can follow me via my website
There is a link to email me and I personally respond to every email I receive.

Do you have any advice on writers getting an agent?

My publisher is my agent. I’m published through a boutique publisher and they work very hard for my success. Our contract is structured where success profits everyone. We also had a shared risk on the front end. My book deal was structured very much like current record deals. I’m getting the attention of movie producers and there is interest in a movie deal for Blood Over Badge. I’ve got a film agent, via my publisher that is working on that part of the business.

How thrilling. A movie deal!! I will be first in line to see that film. Good luck with that and maybe pop back here when the film is released, so you can let us know your thoughts and feelings about it. So do you have a critique partner. That extra special eye?

My writing skills have vastly improved by following a few simple rules: Pay attention/study direction from a good editor. Good editors know what they’re talking about and every writer has “blind spots.” I spend a great deal of time sharing work with other authors. There are many people that write very well in areas that I don’t. I seek out their advice. I’ve learned to not be embarrassed or timid. Writing is a craft and it must be honed in order to improve. I don’t have enough time to read “everything I get my hands on.” Instead, I read great, well told stories over and over. I study them and try to discover “how” the author wrote certain passages that “worked.”

You sound very focused and dedicated. What’s your favorite part of writing?

The best part about writing is being able to create the world in your story. As writers, we hold all the cards. We can tell the story from any point of view and put any spin we like into the story. We are limited only by our imaginations.

How do you get past all the frustrations that come with trying to be a successful writer?

The way I get past all the frustrations of being a writer is by lowering my expectations of being a writer. I’m successful when I write something others enjoy reading. It drives me to continue writing.

What do you like to read?

My absolute favorite author is Nelson De Mille. I love reading his books. I love to read movie scripts and magazines. They move fast and chew up territory at alarming rates.

It’s been lovely having you today, Wayne. I wish you the best of luck.


  1. Having been married to someone in Law Enforcement for thirty-two years, I had to come check out Wayne's post. I worked as a corrections officer for a year and it gave me the fodder I needed to write First Degree Innocence. I'm looking for a good home and hope I find one for it. Best of luck to you Wayne...but it sounds like you're on the brink of becoming a celebrity. I enjoyed your post.

  2. Nelson De Mille is one of my favorite authors, too. Love the premise of the book and I'm blown away at all the experience behind the writing. What a career you have had. In my opinion, they don't pay you police officers enough to take the risks.
    I'd love to see your book make it to a movie world. How exciting that would be for you.

    Keep us informed to the progress and much luck with the sales, and the promotion.

    Great post, thanks for sharing.

  3. Wonderful interview! Congrats on the release of Blood Over Badge. And how great you bring your real-life experiences to bear in your fiction. Your web site's fantastic, btw.

  4. Thank you all for your wonderful words and support. I appreciate it very much.

    Ginger- You're the true hero! 32 years! That is fantastic. I look forward to one day reading your work. Please keep writing and keep me posted.

    Lorrie- Yes! DeMille Rocks!! I'm about two-thirds finished with the Blood Over Badge screenplay. A film agent read Blood Over Badge and loved it. She contacted my publisher asking to represent me. Just yesterday, I received a call that a production company (Can't say who) wants to negotiate for the film rights and screenplay. Who knows, right?

    Cate- Thank you very much. I'll pass the compliment along to the webmaster. She'll love it!

    Margaret- Thank you for having me today. This was a very cool experience and I had a great time with all of you!

    Thanks again and best...




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