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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Welcome to Emlyn Chand

Morning folks.
I have to say thats its freezing here in not so sunny kent. Its a good job I have my virtual log fire crackling away in the blog lounge. Before we start, here is a bit about Emlyn.

From an early age, Emlyn Chand has counted books among her best friends. She loves to hear and tell stories and emerged from the womb with a fountain pen grasped firmly in her left hand (true story). Her affinity for the written word extends to absolutely every area of her life: she has written two-and-a-half novels, leads a classics book group with over three hundred members, and, of course, runs the whole shebang at Novel Publicity.

The book that changed Emlyn’s life is Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crocket Johnson. It opened her eyes to the world that could exist if only she was willing to create it—a lesson she has never forgotten. While she enjoys all types of novels, her greatest loves are literary fiction and YA.

Hi Emlyn. It's lovely to met you and i have enjoyed our chats about the paranormal side of life recently. I hear that you have a book hot off the press. Tell us a bit about it.

Hi Margaret. Its good to be here. I'm a long way from home in your virtual lounge lol My new release Farsighted tells the story of Alex Kosmitoras. Here’s my mini teaser: Alex Kosmitoras may be blind, but he can still “see” things others can’t. When his unwanted visions of the future begin to suggest that the girl he likes could be in danger, he has no choice but to take on destiny and demand it reconsider.

Loving the teaser. Paranormal elements always intrigue me. I'm sure your book will catch a lot of peoples interest. So what’s next on your writing agenda?

I’m working on book #2 of the Farsighted Series. Its title is Open Heart, and the story is told from a different character’s POV for added fun/complexity. I am also beginning work on a new YA science fiction series. I like to be mysterious and reveal as few details as possible, but I’m really excited about the upcoming works ;-)

Wow you are a busy bee. How about some fun! Pick your favourite character from your new release and tell us about them.

My favorite character from Farsighted is definitely Shapri Teak—she is also the favorite of many readers I’ve spoken with. Not only is she the most fun of all my characters, but she’s also the kind of the person I wish I could have been like back when I was younger. She’s strong, always true to herself, and won’t let anyone disrespect her. Sure, she has fears, but we all do. Shapri is the kind of girl I would love to be friends with. You know she’ll always go to bat for you when you’re too tired to step up to the plate. And, oh, she has a mysterious, other-worldly secret too.

I can't wait to read this book. it sounds right up my alley. So do you have any marketing advice for other authors that you'd like to share?

Stretch far and wide. Stay focused and true to who you are as an author. Readers can sense authenticity, which is why the BUY MY BOOK BUY MY BOOK BUY MY BOOK strategy just doesn’t work. As an author, you’ll want to have an awesome, well-designed blog, a presence on the major social media networks (and try to devote avid attention to at least 1 or 2). And don’t under-count the tremendous value of paid advertising. Sites like Kindle Nation Daily, Pixel of Ink, Cheap eReads, and eReader News Today are just fantastic for getting exposure.

Before you go, I'm goimg to get up front and personal lol Where did you meet your partner? We all love to hear a good romance story on this blog.

Oh, lordy. I’ve been with my husband for over 7 years. Married 4. He’s from New Delhi, India, but we met in one of the least romantic places imaginable—Detroit. We went to the same college. He was pursuing his PhD in materials science engineering while I was finishing up my BA in sociology. To help cover the cost of classes, I got a job at the student center working as a cashier at KFC. Basically, I was the only non-Indian there and tried really hard to fit in by showing off my (then nonexistent) knowledge of Hindu culture. One of the workers invited me to his place for some Indian food. He was my hubby’s roommate. That’s how we met. In the oddest twist of fate, I met my coworker and became close enough friends to venture to his home on my very first day on the job. That ended up being his last day working there. We had one day to intersect, and we did. Fate?

Ah, fate. it never ceases to amaze me. So where can your followers find you?

I'm everywhere. Seriously, Google “Emlyn Chand” plus your favorite social media site, and you’ll find me. Visit me at my website and my favorite networking sites are

Thanks for stopping by Emlyn. Its been lovley meeting you.

Farsighted is Emlyn Chand's first novel. Here is a short excerpt.

Simmi and I arrive at this rally point together from Mrs. Warszynski’s to wait for Shapri. Several minutes go by. I want to suggest we leave without her but don’t think that’ll score me any points with Simmi.

“You didn’t want Shapri to come tonight, did you?” Simmi asks.

“Well, I—no, I mean, it’s fine. I’m glad she could come,” I sputter.

“You’re such a horrible liar,” Simmi teases, pushing me playfully.

“Hey, that’s not fair. I can’t hit you back. You’re a girl.”

“I’m just teasing you.” Simmi blows a raspberry and pulls her body up onto the circular wall surrounding the flagpole area. I hesitate before pulling myself up too. Simmi scootches over so we touch at the hip. She loops her hand through the crook of my arm and places her head on my shoulder. “I never would have gotten away with this in India,” she says. “But I’m glad I can here. I’m a psychic feeler. I need to be in touch with others.” She pauses and strokes my arm with her free hand. “You know, when I touch someone I can make them feel what I want them to, but I can also sense their existing emotions. It’s almost the same as being able to read minds. Everything important has to do with the heart, not logic.” She lightens her tone. “But don’t tell Dr. Brown I said that, he’d take marks off of my next chem exam out of spite.”

I laugh nervously. Is she like Miss Teak in a way? Can she read my feelings for her? If she can, why hasn’t she said anything? I contemplate reaching over and kissing her, so I can know for sure how she feels. But I’ve never kissed anyone before. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to initiate it. Do I take her out for dinner and a movie first? Or make some lengthy speech declaring my intentions? Do I kiss her, just like that? Or do I ask for her permission before making my big move?

I decide to ask if it’s okay. Simmi is a classy girl. She needs respect. I swallow, hoping the motion will open up my airway, because right now, I’m kind of having trouble catching my breath. “Simmi,” I start.

“Yeah, Alex?” She lifts her head and links her hand in mine, nudging her slender fingers in between each of mine.

“Would it be okay if I…”

“There you two are!” Shapri says, running over to us, panting heavily. “I thought we were meeting in the commons.”

“No, we agreed on the flagpole,” Simmi says, hopping down from the wall.

The moment is gone. I don’t know when I’ll get the chance and the nerve again. My opinion of Shapri transforms from cautious indifference into outright hatred. Why did she invite herself along?

Shapri clears her throat. “Did I—Did I interrupt something here? Maybe a little romance?”

“What? No, no,” Simmi says shaking her head adamantly. “Nothing like that, Alex is like a brother to me.”

Ouch. Pain. Stabbed in my heart. I’m like a brother to her? I guess this means romance is off the table…


  1. Hi mags and emlyn.
    I have to say this books better than the previous one here mags lol no offence..but..ghahhhh....loving the paranormal thriller. have you read it? Recommend..yay or nay?? I'll go and have a nose around her website.

  2. Good morning Mags and Emlyn!

    Your book sounds interesting, Em. Did you have to do a lot of research on being blind for your character? Did you find any special challenges in writing for him? What sort of paranormal books do you like to read?

    Nice to meet you! I wish you great success with this series and all your books!

  3. I just had a look at Emlyns website. I do like the sound of this book. A thriller with paranormal elements. I think I might buy this one.

  4. Thank you for hosting Emlyn today :)

  5. What a great twist for a paranormal story. Blind, yet can see what others can't.

    Sounds like a winning series to us paranormal lovers.

    Good luck with the sales.

  6. I agree with sissy...the previous post was a bit...god like lol....Hi Emlyn, love the sound of your book. Good luck with it.

  7. Hi everyone. thanks for popping in. I havent read farsighted yet, but its on my TBR pile.

  8. Hi everyone. And hello, Margaret (my new special paranormal friend). I can't believe how many supportive comments I've received here. You guys are just amazing! I always like it when people say nice things about my book :-D

    Guess what else? Farsighted will be free via Amazon on Thursday and Friday. I hope you'll consider picking up a copy gratis.

    Okay, I'm just happy :-P



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