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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Welcome to Margaret Blake.

Good morning. Today I have the lovely Margaret Blake stopping by in my virtual blog lounge to have a chat about her new release The Longest Pleasure. But first, let me tell you a bit about this very talented lady

Margaret Blake, was born in Manchester, England and published her first book in l978. This was A Spring of Broom and this historical novel was re-released by Whiskey Creek Press sometime in December 2012 One reviewer wrote: This book has an action-packed plot full of twists and turns. What a wonderful book! ***** (AC). Since that memorable date Margaret has published twenty-seven novels of historical, contemporary and suspenseful romance. This year she will be publishing two new novels. “I just want to hit the 30 mark,” says Margaret, “and then I might retire.”
Margaret’s greatest trauma was losing her husband John in January 2010, she is still raw and hurting from the loss but gets by with great support. “My family and friends pull me through, I am more than fortunate in both.” Margaret has one son, a gorgeous daughter in law and three fantastic grandkids, they as well as dear friends are a gift that keeps on giving.
The next book to be published is called “The Longest Pleasure,” if anyone can guess what it means they can win either an e-book or print book of any one of her Whiskey Creek novels – get your thinking caps on now.

Hi Margaret. Although we share the same name, we don’t share the same writing genre, so why not tell us about your new book.

Hello Margaret, I am very happy to be here. I am all snug and warm in my study, it is grey and miserable outside but as you know, we writers can transport ourselves anywhere we wish, so I am imagining I am in warm and beautiful Florida today. The Longest Pleasure is about Olivia/Viola who is living under a false name. She is afraid of a man she helped put into prison but who is now out. She meets the handsome Jed Lowe who is a private investigator. Eventually, Viola tells him the truth about herself. Victor, her aggressor moves closer into her and Jed’s sphere. It seems there is no escape from this vicious man.

Viola lived most of her life at a wonderful cliff top home in Cornwall and had a warm and loving relationship with her parents. It is when she moved to London that she came under the influence of Victor. Being young and naïve then she allowed Victor to dominate her. It is her experience with Victor that makes her, if not afraid exactly, but very cautious with men. However, Jed is different from anyone she has met before. She likes his sense of humour and before they realise they are a tad more than attracted to one another they become good friends. Jed draws her closer to his brother and sister but it is not long before Victor is a malign influence in their lives.

Wow, this sounds brilliant. I really feel for viola. I can’t wait to see what happens. This is going straight on my TBR pile. So what’s next on your writing agenda?

I am currently writing suspense and a contemporary romance I do have another contemporary romance out in June. Tilly’s Trials is a straight romance but with a hint of mystery. Tilly had divorced Marsh after she found him in a compromising situation. Now he is back in her life again, invited by her father to take a hand in running their business. Tilly realises that the break up of her marriage was her own fault. They were never able to consummate their marriage and although she can see clearly the problems they failed to resolve, she can’t bring herself to admit them to Marsh. She always had a crush on him, even at school, he was the coolest dude in the class, although from a poor background he has made a success of his life yet she can’t understand why her father has brought him back into her sphere, but then again her father has a secret of his own!

Let’s pause, sip our tea and have a quick game. Pick your favourite character from your new release and tell us about them.

I like Viola because she is strong; In spite of being terrified she really tries to bring order to her life. She is very careful about men but is attracted to Jed. Viola can be forthright but there are times when she gets confused and afraid. This is a psychological flaw left by Victor’s treatment of her. When someone turns against her, she tends to melt away instead of standing her corner. She has to learn the hard way that she is not always wrong. Having to lead a secretive life has also made her extra cautious about being open with everyone, especially men.

I am really getting to like viola. She sounds like a strong alpha woman. Would you categorise her in that way?

No she is not an alpha woman; she is too vulnerable for that. She is thought a survivor. Her having to lead a secretive life makes her not make the very best of herself. She has to dye her hair and try to stay at the back of things instead of the forefront. However, she has lots of unknown, to her, strengths and finally is able to realise that no matter what Victor did to her, he did not rob her of her essential decency and strength.

Can you offer any advice to other authors about marketing their books?
It’s good to promote your book on the various sites and also if possible, generate a little local publicity if you can. I have for the last couple of years done talks at libraries and for church groups, these can get you known and also help you sell more books. It’s good to have a few jokes too, and not to be too serious. Mostly my audience has been women and they do come out to have a good time. I’ve gained lots of new readers doing this. Also I do find that if you make friends with your local librarians this can be very good. They remember you if they ware looking for a speaker and also, if you donate a copy of your book, will remember to promote you. If anyone writes to you remember their name, send out a newsletter. If someone writes to tell you they don’t want it, don’t worry. It’s nothing personal. They just get tired of getting loads of mail.

Now for something completely different. Here we become very nosy lol. Where did you meet your partner? We all love to hear a good romance story.

I met my husband on a blind date organised by a friend. I was laughing when I saw him as years before he had worked part-time on the door at a dance place I used to go to, and my friend was mad about him. However, he never gave her the time of day. My husband has since died but I can honestly say we had lots and lots of laugh. Our romance began with a laugh and that carried on throughout our thirty eight years together.

How lovely. I am sorry for your loss. Before you go where can any followers find you?

They can find me lurking here most days.


  1. Wow! 27 novels! Do you ever run out of ideas? I like Viola and can easily identify with her. The surviver role is so easy to connect with. Great book plug! Congratulations to a wonderful career. Dina Rae

  2. Hello Margaret B, nice to meet you! My condolences on your loss. You sound like a strong lady, like your heroine. Your book sounds intriguing!

    I loved the interview! Good job, Mags!

    I think the longest pleasure would be the relationship between two people and their ability to connect and remained connected for a very long time, through thick and thin.

    Have a great day!


  3. That cover just draws me like a magnet. its look so romantic, yet tragic lol Another great author on your blog mags.

  4. Great interview, Margaret. Viola sounds like a wonderful character. I already know the meaning of 'the Longest Pleasure' (wink wink) but won't give it away here!

  5. Thank you so much. I am not going to give away what the title means just yet. Suffice to say Julie you haven't won it! I am so sorry about that, it would have been nice to tell you that you had. Thank you Sissy, Dina, Julie and Paula, so nice of you to stop by.
    I am so grateful to Margaret W for giving me this opportunity.

  6. Wow, its hard getting on blogger today. I keep getting kicked off. I'm getting a complex lol I too like the cover. I think they are so important. I'm just a reader of books, but if I like a cover i tend to buy the book. Great post, as always mags. Nice to meet you margaret.

  7. Pwew, I feel like I'm running around like a headless chicken today. Hi to everyone. Thanks for popping in.

  8. Hi Mags and Margaret. I'm also impressed with the 27 books. Go girl! I also bet you don't retire after you hit the 30th. Why would you?

    Your book sounds like a fantastic read, and I'm sure your many fans will be disappointed if you do retire. Maybe think of just slowing it down long enough to smell the roses and write when you feel the urge. On my TBB list.

  9. Yes, Lorrie, it might be hard to actually retire, if I did what would I do with all those voices that keep coming into my head! LOL. Lucy so glad you made it after all the trouble you had.

  10. I will put you all out of your misery - hate is the longest pleasure!



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