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Monday 31 May 2010

Welcome to Mary Muhammad

I’m so glad Mary has dropped in today. She’s a fab author. So pull up a chair and have a read all about her and the books she writes.
Mary was born the last of twelve and nourished her poetic voice through Jazz lyrics she wrote in the beginning of her writing career while still a young teen.
She continued to write and published her first article Men of Bondage in her hometowns local community paper. She then stopped writing for many years until Echoes of an Era, her first book publishing in 2007 with Publish America.

Soon after, she published Hugs and Kisses.

She wrote it in 1992, but never got around to publishing it until 2008. Then came her first chapter book for children. The Story Box a Collection of Adventures.

Her first young adult short novel was Love laws.

Which was nominated for the 2009 Cybils Award.

She then published in the same year Journeys of a Soul

Which is now included on Virtual Book Tours. Mary is book review manager and staff writer for Poetic Monthly Magazine and online e-zine.

Good Morning Mary. The sun has decided to disappear in the UK today, so we’ll have to drink out tea indoors and not in the garden, while we chat. So tell me, what drew you to write in your current genre?

My love of expression has always been the pull of my poetry writing. Being able to empty all that’s housed within, what is seen and experienced in a rhythmic form is exhilarating for me.

I am in awe of poets. I write books, but to write a poem escapes me lol. I can see you have been busy. How many novels have you written to date. Are they all in the same genre?

I’ve written one novel, which is for the young adult. It’s actually a short novel, and I have the sequel spinning in my head.

I think most writers have a few novels spinning around inside them lol How much time do you spent on plotting etc before you start writing?
Very little time for me is spent on plots or anything else. When I start to write I write and as I build the characters, I let the personalities I’ve created take the realm.

A girl after my heart! I’m exactly the same when it comes to plotting. I usually write in my office, but if the suns out, I’m off to the beach. Where do you do most of yours?

Most all my writing is done at home, when all is quiet and I can hear nature from my window.

I hear cows mostly from my window lol I’m a country girl. Over the years I know I have written some real stinkers. It’s all part and parcel of learning, \I suppose. Lol Looking back, what’s the worst thing you’ve ever written?
Good question, lol. I think looking back I would change one poem that I wrote; because I don’t feel I gave it what I had meant to for the reader.

So let’s move on to your writing. While I pour us some more tea, tell me about your latest release.

My latest release is poetry, and called Journeys of a Soul. For me it whispers romance, sings a dance, cries the ills of society while wrapping the reader spiritually. I wanted to give something anyone could relate to in this piece.

Now you’re talking my language. If you can touch someone spiritually then you are really touching their soul. No easy feat at all.

Do you have an advice about getting an agent?

For authors seeking agents I would advise them to make sure the agent is interested in their genre of writing before they send it.

That’s really good advice. Do you rely on critique partners for an extra eye on when they are writing?

I enjoy Fanstory, I found them to be open minded, honest, helpful and a very interesting group of writers who will critique with great ideas.

Most of us writers have a favorite part of writing. Mine is when I write The End. I can then breathe again lol Do you have A favorite part of writing?

Yes. It’s writing is final project. When the book arrives from the publisher in its completed stage. This is a joy I never get enough of. It’s at that stage I can re-read what I have given to my readers.

How do you get past all the frustrations that come with trying to be a successful writer?

I write, lol I write, I express all within me and some through my poetry.

I'm a Paranormal and a Romance writer. But I like to read Historicals mainly. What do you like to read?

I enjoy reading free style poetry, mysteries, and autobiographies.

So, before you go, what actor/actress gets your pulses racing and how can your readers keep up with your news?

Okay this is out the box lol, but for sure I have to say...
Idris Elba

and Shemar Moore without question Whew!! Lol

Oh my goodness. GOOD choice lol So how can we find you?

To keep up to date with me, theycan visit which is placed in a smooth jazz setting, and my blog at where I’m offering prizes and gifts until the end of the tour in July.

Thank you Mary, it’s been a pleasure. You can buy Mary’s books from Amazon.

Tuesday 25 May 2010

Welcome Aurora Lightbourne

Today I’m so excited to welcome Aurora Lightbourne.

I’ve made a pot of tea and cooked a batch of English scones, so let’s sit back and chat about you and your books, Aurora. Why did you choose to be writer?

I chose to be a writer because if I wasn't I would look really nutty jotting down things and chuckling to myself like a madwoman out in public. Sometimes story ideas come to me at the most inconvenient times and I have to grab the nearest paper, or napkin, and jot it down. If I wasn't a writer my husband would be even more worried about me when I talk to myself and start pantomiming and making weird faces as I think of conversation scenes.

My husband thinks I am mad when I do that LOL The writers thing just doesn’t work with him!! So when did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

When did I realize it? Hmmm, well I always wrote stories because I thought it was fun. These things came into my head and I just had an itch to write them down. It wasn't until much later I realized....hey, I am a writer!

Was that when you were published?

No, that was when friends kept begging to read my books and actually liked them and then pushed for me to get them published. That's when I realized I am a writer, I like it and people like what I write, strangely enough.
I work full time and it takes me a while to write a book. Maybe up to 8-9 months.

How long does it take you?

Space Trippers book 3 took about 4 months to write then the rest was all editing. The other two took longer. Real life likes to get in the way. If it would just go away I could be so much more productive.

Oh, I’m glad it’s not just me having to cram it all in then! What’s your work schedule like when you're writing?

Sporadic. I can't write if I am not in the mood. Sometimes I just don't have the creative flow and I have to back off for a while and try to get 're-inspired'. It sometimes helps to re-read all my previous work.
I’m usually too darn tired and can’t think, never mind write LOL I have so many quirks (or so I’m told!!) What would you say is your interesting one?
My husband says 'You don't have one....other than you talk to yourself a your head.' He would know he is the one watching me, and going without dinner. I lose track of time, he is a patient man.

I’d say that’s a quirk, or your bonkers LOL To change the subject, how do you think that books get published?

Through blood, sweat and tears. Honest hard work, mind numbing creative hurdles and lots of internal and external support.

Also, plenty of foot stamping, hair pulling and general tantrums....and that’s just from my husband lol Where do you do your research?

Could be anywhere or anything. I can see something or hear someone and then my mind just runs with it, expanding the comment or situation and making up a whole story.

I’m a bit like that. I always say that life gives me inspiration for my books. I was 21 when I wrote my first book. What about you?

Ah, yes, you mean my first long book or my first short story?

I think, your book.

My first 'real' book is a fantasy with a sword girl and a Prince, I was really into sword girls back then. I wrote it during my 9th grade year as extra credit in English. I still keep in contact with that English teacher too.
I think that sometimes the public think we writers are just faceless entities, who just write and do nothing else. What do you like to do when you're not writing?
Play World of Warcraft with my hubby. You can find us running around Azaroth at least once a week.

LOL I’m sure people will be looking out for you now! What does your family think of your writing?

My husband is very supportive. He helps me a lot by listening to me ranting about plot lines and reading anything new I wrote.

Well that’s more than my husband does. He collects all my books, wraps them in cellophane and stores them away saying they’ll be worth a fortune on ebay one day!! I’m being serious! Tell me, what was one of the most surprising things you’ve learnt in creating your books?

I‘ve learned that people really like them, and not just my family who ‘have’ to like them because I know where they sleep!!

I must try that tactic with my family! How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

I have started many, I have three published. I am currently working on Book 4 of Space Trippers as well as a new book set in a 'steam punk' kind of Victorian world. My favorites are either the one I just finished or the one I am currently working on.

My favourite is my last novel, The Heart of a Warrior. I don’t really hear from my readers much, do you? What kind of things do they say?

Not as much as I would like. When I do see them or hear from them they love to tell me about what conversation they liked or scene that was funny. I like hearing about what they found entertaining in the books.

What do you think makes a good story?

Well rounded characters that aren't too 'perfect', ones who can develop and show progress though the story. Stale characters don't drive a story.
As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?
As a teen I was leaning toward programming. I really love computers. I built my first one when I was 15. I still mess with them, build them and repair them for friends, but I really need my stories. Computers are just annoying, if I did that all day I would have to jump up and down, run around in circles and set myself on fire!

I wanted to be a ballet dance and then my boobs got too big and that was that!!!

I used to like ballet too, but I am only 5'2” and completely non-bendy. They kicked me out. Do you have any more scones?

No, you ate them all. BUT, I’ll make a bigger batch when you pop by again with your next release. In the mean time, you’d better wipe that Devonshire creams from your chin before you go! What are you doing when you leave here?

I am still on my Online Book Tour until June 3rd. So there is still time for people to get in on the prize drawings!
You could win gift cards, an autographed book and 'character' bookthong and more just by leaving me a comment on my stops, like this one.
Also you can get in the drawing for a $25 Visa gift card by playing a crossword game with me. It only has 14 words and most of them are in the FREE half of Space Trippers Book 1 you can get from the link on my site:
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For details on the tour, prizes and game visit my Tour Event:!/event.php?eid=114666428547534
I do have a video book trailer for the Space Trippers series, it is on youtube:

Space Trippers can be found online or in town from any book seller that has the Ingram catalog (like B&N).
Books 1 & 2 are together in a paperback volume.
Books 1-3 are available separate in ebook formats including Sony, iPad, Kindle etc.
Book 3 will be in paperback later this year.
Barnes and Noble :
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You can read the first half of book 1 FREE from the link on my author page:

Aurora, it’s been a pleasure meeting you. I think you’ve just become one of my favourite authors

Sunday 23 May 2010

Welcome to B. Swangin Webster

I’d like to give a warm welcome to B. Swangin Webster, who is the author of two novels, Let Me Just Say This and its sequel And Again…Let Me Say This. Currently she is working on the final chapter in the series, which she has entitled, Once and For All--The final chapter

She currently works in a middle school in Waldorf Maryland and is married with five grown children and four adorable grandsons. She grew up in the Washington DC area, and calls Southern Maryland her home. She has over 200 novels, and has read all of them at least twice. Her passion, besides writing, is cooking. Her passions are writing, reading, and talking about the process of writing and being an author.

Good Morning B. Pull up a chair, grab a good old British cup of tea and let’s talk books. What drew you to write in your current genre?

Well, I wouldn't say that anything drew me to write fiction. It was just something that I always wanted to do. I have been categorized as urban fiction, however my storyline is universal, my characters weren't even African American until the publisher said that they were putting me under the African American section, which then caused me to tweak my story to make it a "black" couple.

Are you African American and will all your future books be along these lines?

Yes, I am black (African American) but I don't think all of my books will be along these lines. My first book, was really about a white couple, however, the publisher thought that since I was black, that my book was black, and I guess I should have spoken up about it, so I had to tweak the couple, and change them to be black.

So tell me, how many novels have you written to date.

So far I have written 2 novels, and working to complete the third one. They are all in the same genre, because the story turned into a "mini series" So book number 3 is the conclusion of the series, but just like television, there is a "spin off"

How intriguing. I do like trilogies where you can follow characters lives and growth over a larger period of time. How much time do you spent on plotting before you start writing?

I'm ashamed to say, but I don't spend anytime on plotting. Not all writers do this, however, a story will literally fall into my brain and I will sit at my laptop and start typing.

Don’t be ashamed. The only plotting I do are quick notes on my white board and I usually don’t stick to them! LOL So where do you do most of your writing?

Most of my writing is done, in my dining room. I have a small sofa in there, and I will sit there for hours and type. It has 7 windows, so the sunlight is such a great way to create my story and develop my storyline.

It sounds like a nice airy room. I like to write outside, mainly down the beach in the summer when I can get there. If you could look back, what do you feel is the worst thing you’ve ever written?
LOL, I hope I haven't written anything bad yet, and unless you count those poems I had to create in 2nd grade.

Oh, you’re so lucky. |I look back and something’s I’ve written make me want to cringe! Anyway, enough chit chat, lets get to the good part. Tell me about your latest release.

My latest release is the sequel to my first novel. Cheryl has divorced her abusive husband, but still allows him to dictate to her what she can/can not do in her life.

Can this book stand alone, or do readers have to get the first book to understand what’s going on in book 2?
Absolutely not. Book 2 stands alone, because it gives you a look back at the important events in book number 1. If you don't have book 1, please get book 2. You would be pleasantly surprised that you will know the characters and feel the emotions.

How can your readers keep up with your news?

Readers can follow my on my website, They can also keep up with my moves through facebook, by becoming a fan of bswanginwebster. I post my every move on there, unfortunately, I am not a Tweeter, yet.

Not a tweeter.....shame on you lol, be sure to add me when you become one!!

What do you think about celebrities writing book? It bothers me that they seem to get published because of who they are rather than what they have written.

Celebrities writing books....well, if they are telling a good story, than I'll buy it. But if they are only doing it "because they can" then I think they are setting a bad example. Not every celebrity is an author, just like not every athlete is a sportscaster.

I’ve blogged about agents so many times in the past. The ‘fors’ the ‘against’. What's your advice?

Getting an agent is a very tricky thing. If you want to have an agent, then you have to do your research. Every agent is out to make themselves money and then you get a percentage of your own hard work. Why give someone a percentage of your hard work, when you know the struggles and accomplishments. However an agent can get your foot in the door for bigger things. Agents, especially if you don't know them are in a business, and you are their business. I have an agent, but its someone that I know. Matter of fact, it’s a family member and she has my best interest at heart. Yes, I give her a salary, however, it is based on what she does, not what she "promises" to do.

That sounds like a really good partnership. Most authors rely on critique partners for an extra eye on when they are writing. Do you rely on anyone?

I rely on the general public. Listening while I am out at book club meetings, or other author events to people that have read my novels, lets me know if the story is believable, or if I need to turn the story in a different direction. I haven't been involved in a critique group, because here in Maryland, I can't find on. Hint Hint: if you are a critique group in Maryland, please send me an email. I would so love to join one.

Does it have to be in Maryland? My long term CP is in Turkey, but we work very well together.

Absolutely not. I would welcome joining any critique group. I would ideally like to join one with both white and black people, because being a black person, I don't want to pigeon hold myself to one group. Again, if ANY critique group is open for membership, let me know.

Well as it happens I belong to a very good critique site. It’s free to join. The best part of writing for me is when I write The End! Then I can finally relax. Do you have a favourite part of writing?

My favorite part of writing would have to be seeing the final product and getting feedback from people that read it. Knowing whether they loved, hated or were indifferent to it, makes it worthwhile for me.

Writing can be a very frustrating job. How do you get past all the frustrations that come with trying to be a successful writer?

I look at every frustrating moment as a stepping stone to get to my ultimate goal. You can't let negative comments or negative people stop you from realizing that you have something that you believe in. As long as you believe in it, that's all that matters.

Thats so true. I recently heard from someone who had a negative review for her novel, she was terribly upset. Which is natural. But as long as you know your work is good, negative comments like that just become a minor irritation. So what do you like to read?

I like to read anything that will entertain me. I'm a scaredy cat and don't like horror movies or anything scary, but one of my friends wrote a vampire book and I want to read it because it sounds like a winner, and she convinced me to try a paranormal romance novel, so I will most likely be ordering one of yours in the very near future.

LOL I write more about the spirit world than vamps or werewolves. But I hear you about horror films. I cannot watch them or read books about them. I just find the world bad enough, without reading/watching about blood and guts!!!
So what actor/actress gets your pulses racing?

Oh my gosh! I fear I am blushing.

Goodness, I can see your read cheeks from here. What ARE you thinking!!!!!

I’m thinking about Dennis Haysbert! Whew! He makes my motor run and makes my mouth water every time I see him on The Unit..or in an Allstate Commercial. That's part of the reason I have Allstate!...(should I even say that; that makes me seem a little crazy) LOL

You let your motor run, nothing wrong with that lol Its been an absolute pleasure speaking with you today and may your books sales flourish!

Tuesday 18 May 2010

Welcome to Jo Davis

Good Morning. Today I am very pleased to have Jo Davis with me. To make her visit extra special, Virtual Book Tours are giving away a free gift of a book light and Journal, to a lucky commentator at the end of Jo's tour. Here is a bit a bit about her.

Jo Davis has published two books, several short stories and numerous web content pieces throughout the world wide web. She also writes periodically for the local news and is currently working on another local history text. Davis holds a bachelor's degree in English from Purdue University.

So have a nice cup of tea and tell me Jo, what drew you to write in your current genre?

I love reading thrillers, suspense and mysteries—twisted tales. It just seemed natural to write one.

I think genres do pull you. I’ve always been drawn to romance and the paranormal, so sometimes it just seems logical to combine them both when I write. So how many novels have you written to date?

Domestics is my first. I am editing my next novel entitled Carrying On. It is much lighter, a mystery with some humor.

I bet you’re as proud as punch with Domestics and to then write something completely different is such an achievement. Do you plot or are you like me, just going with the flow?

I generally go with the flow. Sometimes I will write notes in the margins about the plot or characters, but that is all the planning that I do.

I’m a bit if a nomad when I’m not in my office and I write wherever I end up with my laptop. Where do you do most of your writing?

Folded up on the couch, in bed or on the porch swing. I write longhand in one of those tall thick hardbacked lined journals that are about the size of a standard sheet of paper. Fiction is still a hobby for me, so I like to treat it like a leisurely activity for as long as I possibly can. My freelance writing (which funds the fiction) occurs in my office, at my desk.

Oh my goodness. Longhand!!!!! Then you type it all out? I think I’m too lazy to do that lol. Here is a question that’ll make you squirm! What is the worst thing you’ve ever written? Be honest, I won’t tell anyone!!!

It has to be a series of articles extolling the virtues of a company that I knew was a fraud. It was during my first year of freelancing when I took whatever work I could get my hands on. I regret having had a part in the project.

Now the interesting part. Tell me about your latest release.

Domestics is about a woman named Sarah who goes from being a miserable victim to an assassin for hire. She only goes after men, who like her late husband, victimize and abuse women. Sarah’s cover is a cleaning services and her cards are distributed in hospitals, grocery stores and other places that the women who need her frequent. The victims or their families call in for a quick interview. When Sarah utters the words, “Sounds to me like you need a housekeeper,” she is coming to clean house. The aggressor of the house usually doesn’t survive the cleaning.

You sound like a very busy lady. How can your readers keep up with your news?

Go to my website, where you’ll find links to all of my virtual tour appearances, to my live book tour and any press that I’ve generated—good or bad.

I have a real problem with celebrities writing books and getting published because I who they are. What do you think about it?

One word—ghostwriters. I actually applied for a ghostwriting gig that ended up being a celebrity book. I didn’t get the gig, but nowhere on the book did it say that the text was ghostwritten.

Do you know what, Jo, I had a feeling authors were being paid to ghostwrite some of them. It’s so darn irritating! I know your new to novel writing, but have you got any advice about getting an agent?

Research! I don’t have one, because the marketing through my publisher is awesome. However, you only get one shot to impress an agent so my advice is to do your research.

Most authors rely on critique partners for an extra eye on when they are writing. Do you rely on anyone?

My future sister-in-law has read everything that I have written. She is an avid reader who is brutally honest and does not hesitate to let me know when I am slacking.

It’s nice when the family show an interest. You’ll be amazed how many people don’t share their work with their nearest and dearest. So, what’s your favourite part of writing?

Creating the story. It is like getting to create my own little world. I have always been a daydreamer, and writing to me is like daydreaming. Editing is the work.

I hear you there! LOL There was me thinking I was the only ‘dolly daydreamer’! How do you get past all the frustrations that come with trying to be a successful writer?

I have a support system that I can turn to when things get frustrating. It helps that my husband is an aspiring writer too, because he can relate. Recently, he did point out that I bake when I receive frustrating news about my writing career. I really did not realize that! It makes sense. I came up with my famous cheese biscuit recipe after discovering that my previous publisher was a fraud. (Not Passionate Writer Publishing, they are the awesome guys funding my book tour.)

You bake! Wow. That’s constructive. I usually stomp about for a few hours and then my hubby buy’s me chocolate and I return to normal again! Just to let readers knew that you are a real person and not just a writing machine, tell me what do you like to read?

Everything. It is very hard to name just one author or book. Being on the Domestic Seduction tour with Omegia Keeys has exposed me to erotica. I ended up sneaking a peak at her latest novel Can You Keep A Secret. I needed some bedtime reading during our last tour stop in Little Rock. It was a book that I don’t recommend before bed, because I found myself fighting to stay awake until the end—I just couldn’t put to book down! Today, I plan to pick up the latest John Sandford novel that I saw in paperback at the grocery store yesterday.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Omegia. Her book does seem pretty fab, judging by the excepts. Well, thank you for visiting today.

Domestics is available where books are sold online. Pick up a copy signed by the author at

For more information on the Domestics Seduction Tour visit

Monday 10 May 2010

Book Signs

You either love them or hate them!! As an author you’re so proud to see your books in print, you could burst. But when it comes to doing a book sign, suddenly you turn into a gibbering wreck. But if you get it right and do your homework, nothing can go wrong. So I've got some ideas to share that worked for me.

1.First of all you need to get the stores to hold your books. That’s a feat in itself. Especially the bigger retailers. So you need to write a letter similar to this.

Dear Sir/Madam
I am a local romance author living in......... I often use your store and notice you carry a wonderful selection of novels. I was wondering if you might be interested in carrying my novel. It is a contemporary romance with paranormal elements, which is currently being sold on Amazon and ...........

I am a multi published author with literary credits worldwide (this can mean anything from a published poem to a novel ) I am prepared to do all the advertising before the book sign and contact the media, I do not expect your store to do anything except provide me with a table and chair.
I look forward to you reply.

2.Whichever store that you decide to approach, find out the managers name, if you can’t, address it to ‘The events Co-ordinator’ Address the envelope professionally. Preferably typed. Send it out to EVERY local store that carry's novels, BY POST, First Class. DO NOT hand deliver letters. It looks unprofessional and will lead to any Joe Blogs opening it and it being binned.

3.If you get a positive response, it will usually be by letter with an invitation to visit the store’s event’s organiser. Take with you a small portfolio of how you’re going to advertise the event. IE Laminated posters of the book sign that you hope to distribute around the store. Idea's for a Newspaper advertisement and a publicity photographer. Book marks, free gifts for the public. Goodie bag samples. Anything you can think of that will advertise your book.

4. When the date is confirmed spread the word, via the internet and in the free newspaper ads. Print off a few leaflets and distribute them the night before. Contact the local paper as tell them where you will be and the time. Invariably they always send a photographer for local events.

5. Make sure the book sign is at the front of a store, NOT hidden at the back. Sit at the book signing table and look friendly. Get a friend to give out a few leaflets at the shops entrance introducing you. Offer a free bookmark with every book or a goodie bag. People love a free gift! If you can, bribe a friend to dress in costume to give out the leaflets. IE for an Historical, hire a period dress/suit. Paranormals, use your imagination. Romance, hire a ballgown. Not only will it draw peoples attention to you, the publicity will help to sell your books and make the day successful.

Tuesday 4 May 2010

Welcome Sindee Lynn

Good Morning Sindee. It’s lovely to have you here today. The sun’s shining; we have coffee, so tell me, what drew you to write in your current genre?

I love vampires and I always have. Ever since reading Anne Rice almost twenty years ago. When vampires began showing up in my romance novels which I also have a passion for it was the best of both worlds combined. I’ve known I’ve wanted to be a romance writer since I was 13 and it made sense to write what I love to read.

Wow, you certainly know where you were going from a young age. So, are your vamps rip out the throat blood sucky ones, or vamps with a heart?

Definitely vamps with a heart. I love the whole sappiness of a romance novel and I love the contract between a blood sucking vampire – a being who can kill you with little to no effort being brought to his knees by a mere human woman.

I like the sound if that. I’m a romance writer by nature, but I’ve also written paranormals, non fiction and teaching modules! Like to be diverse lol How many novels have you written and are they all in the same genre?

That’s like a trick question because I have written several novels. Are they all published - no. Are they at that point where I feel confident in sending them off – no…. Lol. But I did take a chance on sending out two of my books: Prince’s Donor and Changing the Rules. They are at opposite ends of the genre spectrum. Prince’s Donor is a vampire romance and Changing the Rules is contemporary interracial.

Now that is diverse! I have a few novels sitting on my laptop too. Hopefully they might see the light of day before I die lol I’m not a plotter really. I have an idea how the story’s going to go, but I let it take its own course usually. So how much time do you spend on plotting etc before you start writing?

I’m not a plotter either. I don’t sit and plan out every step of the book before I begin to write it. It’s never been a process that’s completely worked for me. What I normally do, is when an idea comes to me, before I write it down it has to keep coming back. And in order for it to go in my idea box I have to have a viable beginning, middle and end. That way when I do sit down to write it I know where I’m going. And that process varies greatly.

A girl after my own heart. That’s near enough what I do! Great minds think alike , huh! I have a handbag size laptop, so when it’s nice I take myself off to the beach (its not far from me) and write. Where do you do most of your writing?

In my bedroom on my bed. I prop my laptop up on a pillow, put my headphones in and just let it take me away. It’s funny because when I’m really in my zone, my daughter has to send me a text or call me on my phone because I don’t hear her when she calls me.

Now that’s funny. If I’m in the office on my computer, and my husband is on his computer too, we email each other lol he says tea and I usually email back ‘its your turn’ lol When I think back, I know that I’ve written some ‘stinkers’ in my time!! Cringe worthy short stories full of pov errors etc. So come on, fess up, looking back, what’s the worst thing you’ve ever written?

Lol … hands down my very first book I submitted to Ellora’s Cave an e-book publisher. It was awful. The storyline wasn’t completely thought out, the characters were vague and they were correct in rejecting it because it seemed unrealistic. When I sat down to read it a few months back because I plan on doing some major revisions to it, it’s amazing to see how far I have come from then to now. At least I think I’ve grown and my writing as well.

So now we get to the part I enjoy. Tell me about your latest release.

Prince’s Donor… it’s a vampire romance that began as a simple idea. I wanted to write one that was different from others that I had read and I wanted to create a world that would take readers away for a little while. So I began with asking myself what would be the perfect setting for vampires. “What if there was a place they could go to find a human donor to supply what they needed to survive” and there it was.

Prince Syrian is waiting to take his place as the next King of Vampires when he discovers that his human donor has been cheating on him with his cousin. His father, to prevent bloodshed, sends Syrian away to Washington State to handle negotiations for a vampire family out there. While there Syrian finds himself in need of blood and sex. He’s on the verge of what’s called blood lust – meaning it’s been a while since his last real feeding. So he goes to the donor database he helped create and finds Jenna James. Now Jenna has given up on the idea of a vampire ever knocking on her door in need of blood and sex. It is after all the reason why she signed up for the program. Being with a vampire has been her secret fantasy for years. But it’s been four years so she’s pretty much made up her mind not to renew her donor card when her doorbell rings and on the other side is her fantasy.

Where on earth did you get your idea for that? As I mentioned before, I read a lot of vampire novels. The good the bad and the in-between. Sometimes they are a lot alike with regards to how they get their food and how they fall in love with humans. I wanted to write a vampire book, but I wanted to do something completely different. So I began Like I do with a lot of my books or thoughts – I started with the ‘what if?’ exercise. What if vampires lived in a perfect world? What would it look like to them? And it came to me – it would look like a place where they could live free to be them and where they could get their nourishment – thus the donor database was born. Think about it. A whole list of humans whose sole purpose is to provide a race with what they need to survive. That’s a vampire’s perfect world.

So where can we go to keep up with your news?

My website is a work in progress. I plan to have it up and running in the next two months – it’s one of my personal goals for this year. But in the meantime they can “friend me” on face book under my legal name Cynthia Yates, Richmond Va.
They can also keep track of me from my publishing company’s website:

I know I’ve had enough rejection letters to paper my walls. How do you deal with them?

It used to be hard – like when I first started writing, but I realized that if someone was taking the time to sit down and actually explain to me why my book wasn’t working, I needed to pay attention if this was the field I wanted to be in. Now I can’t say I have always agreed with them but I have read each and every one of them and thanked them all. You have to put it in perspective. It’s a part of the job and it’s meant to make you better at what you do.

I always say constructive criticism is always worth having and like you say, we always can learn from it! Now we come to one of my pet peeves. While we writers struggle so hard to get recognition, What do you think about celebrities writing books and getting instantly published?

Lol … I don’t read them myself but if they feel as if they have something to say then who am I to stop them from saying it.

Have you any advice about getting an agent?

I have read a lot of different reasons to get one or reasons not to get one… but for me I’ve decided against it. At least for now. For some people it might be the right decision and if I get to that point, crossing my fingers, where I have publishing companies begging me to come write for them (lol) then I will absolutely consider getting an agent. But for now, I don’t think I need one.

I wish they were begging for me lol I have a few critique partners who give me an extra eye for my work.. Who do you rely on and why?

I have thought of finding a critique group or partner but I just haven’t had the time. So for now I rely on myself and in reality I think I’m probably tougher on myself than someone else might be.

My favourite part of writing is when I get to the end and its all slotted into place. What’s yours?

Creating new worlds to take my readers to. It’s my favourite part of reading when I was younger and even now, I love sitting down with a good book and just escaping for a little while.

I love the creating part too. Sometimes you can just get lost in your imagination. A whole new world that you’ve just created. How do you get past all the frustrations that come with trying to be a successful writer?

When I figure it out I will let you know…. LOL …. It’s hard work honestly. The amount of time you have to spend in creating your work, proofing your work, revising your work .. not to mention putting your work out there. The rejections that might comeback. And all doing it while holding down a full time job with families, like many of us do, it’s hard. So I’m going to say it’s still a work in progress learning how to cope.

I think you have to really love writing to be a writer! Like you, most of us still have our ‘day jobs’ So when you’re not writing what do you like to read?

I love all romance novels. But my absolute favourites are vampire/shifter romances, Inter-racial romances and Big Beautiful Women romances.

Big beautiful women romance? what’s that about? I’m intrigued.

Books about plus sized women, like myself and my heroine, Jenna, in Princes Donor. I don’t think we get enough love, if you will, in romance novels. So expect to see a lot of plus sized heroines in my books.

To get totally off topic lol what actor/actress gets your pulses racing?

Keanu Reeves – hands down ..always has and always will… people may not think he’s good looking but for me he is just sexy and that smile and the whole I’m just hanging out attitude… lol… I’m getting chills just thinking about it.

Well, that’s all from Sindee. Her chilly self, will be around today to answer any of your comments.


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