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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Interview with Carol Mayer

My first author interview for 2010 is a fellow Eternal Press author, Carol Mayer.
Welcome and thank you for taking the time to participate.

Want to know something about Carol? Read on...

I live in central Alberta on an acreage surrounded by wildlife of every sort. I’m the author of several children’s books, many epublished and 3 romances. My latest release is Ravenwing. I’m inspired by the mystical side of life, the powers of crystals and stones, and the physic ability that I believe dwells in each of us.
I have the required writer’s cats. I am now down to three with the death of my oldest Noel, just before Christmas 2009.
I have been married for 35+ years to Carl, a wonderful and patient man!

What drew you to write in your current genre?

Well I have found that Romance sells the best, but I also like stories with a ‘twist’

How many novels have you written to date and are they all in the same genre?

I have written three novels and all are Paranormal romances. Ravenwing is my third release and is of course a paranormal romance.

How much time do you spent on plotting etc before you start writing?

It usually takes me weeks to do most of my research, using mostly the internet. But I also visit the odd library. I mean, you have to go outside the front door at some point lol

Where do you do most of your writing?

In my living room. It’s lovely and cosy. I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by nature, so it’s quiet and peaceful.

Looking back, what’s the worst thing you’ve ever written?

Well, I’m sure most writers have written some disasters in their time. I think mine would be some of my children’s books.

Tell us about your latest release.

I’m so excited about this new release, which is published through . Ravenwing takes place in the states just as the civil war is brewing. It is about a beautiful young woman called Ravenwing, who when remote viewing, finds a wounded soldier. Helped by the power of healing stones, she nurses him back to health. Together they travel to Washington braving a tornado, outlaws and a flood. As they travel, Ravenwing’s powers grow along with her love for Mark.

How can your readers keep up with your news?

My blog

Web site

How do you deal with rejection letters?

I suppose I take rejection letters like most authors. I move on and try to take any criticism on the chin.

What do you think about celebrities writing book?

I refuse to read or acknowledge them. They seem to be able to get anything published simply because they’re famous. Autobiographies are the exception! At least their real.

What is your favourite part of writing?

When I get an acceptance letter! I’m easily pleased lol

How do you get past all the frustrations that come with trying to be a successful writer?

A writer’s life is very hard. You work alone mostly, so it can get a bit lonely. I think sometimes I just need a ‘kitty cuddle’ and one of my cats is always more than happy to comply.

What do you like to read?

The strange thing is my reading material is the total opposite of my writing interest. I like anything with blood and gore, Adventures or Medical mysteries.

What actor/actress gets your pulses racing?

I’m a woman who likes muscles. So Arnold before he became governor swings to mind. I don’t think he was a brilliant actor, but as eye candy he was great!!

That’s Carol in a nut shell. You can buy Ravenwing from

It’s a compelling read. A must for all paranormal buffs.


  1. Hi Carol and Margaret,

    Great interview! Loved True Lies...Arnold was definitely eye candy then!


  2. Great stuff, Mags! I always love to hear about other writers' likes and dislikes. I also firmly believe that any writer who doesn't have some work they're unahppy with isn't writing enough.

  3. Hi Linda

    Your fellow CB bud here. I am impressed with the breath of talent in your background. Its amazing when you get to glimpse into the history of writers like your self.

    Michael Davis (
    Author of the year, 4/09



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