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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Romance, what is it??

So in-between tour guests, I thought I’d take this opportunity to ramble on about romance. Even the authors, who don’t write about it, think about it. You do, don’t you! What exactly is this word that can make or break some relationships?

Firstly, look closer at the word. Right slap in the middle of it is ‘Man’!! That says it all really. But, do us women rely too much on our men to give us romance? What woman has strewn rose petals in the bedroom, taken her partner out of a meal by candlelight, whisked their partner away for a special weekend. Be honest, don’t we expect the man to do all this?

Little presents occasionally are lovely, but when did you actually give one to your partner? We expect flowers, choccy’s, but what do we give him. It’s all food for thought. I’m guilty of all the above, but I do try and fit the proverbial shoe on my foot, instead of it always being wedged on my husbands, occasionally. Even if he did complain, after I gave him a wonderful lavender massage by candlelight, that he smelt funny and the candles marked the ceiling with black soot.

Bless men!! You can’t live with them and expect romance all the time, yet you can’t live without them, or the romance that should be there.

What a conundrum. But that’s romance for you.


  1. Yes, I guess we do expect men to do it all.
    But, I also think romance can be many different things. When is the last time you and your partner cuddled on the couch to watch a movie and ate popcorn?
    Or walked down the street holding hands?
    How about making your partner a special dinner for no reason and with candlelight.
    Ah, romance is sweet at any age.

  2. When my husband finished reading my novel and encouraged me to write my second one...well...that was the most romantic thing he has ever done...especially when his usual reading of politics and history has nothing to do with romance.


  3. Interesting post but I like it.romance is the sencere love shared by two people when they first meet.It is the innocence that is the beginning of doing whatever to please another no matter who sees you.Romance is not always things bought but it is going out of your way to make the other person feel special.Romance is love.It exist before the rules of life take over.There is no one person trying to dominate the other but as the saying goes "sharing is caring. Very interesting topic thanks.Nedyne

  4. Great post, Margaret. Every great story throughout time has had a romance at its core. I agree, in real life it has to be a give and take, an equal effort to make it last. Great food for thought.

  5. You are so correct! :)

  6. Thanks for taking the time to post your own insights ladies.



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