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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Welcome to Susan Hanniford Crowley

Today I’d like to welcome Paranormal Romance Author Susan Hanniford Crowley

Thanks for having me, Margaret. I’m a cross over author from science fiction and fantasy where I mostly wrote medieval-based, heroine-strong fantasy short stories. I’m also an associate editor with a science fiction and fantasy magazine (not a romance venue). I live with my husband of 31 years and one of my grown daughters. The other married last year before Thanksgiving. When I went to Scotland I was told I have a distinct Yankee accent. I’m in love with eating haggis and walking in the highlands. I’m also in love with the Connecticut shoreline, walking on the beach with my husband, and eating clams.

I think you must have a dual personality to like such opposite country’s and foods lol Being a paranormal Romance author myself, I’m curious to know what drew you to write in your current genre?

I was at the Nebula Award Weekend (like the Oscars for Science Fiction and Fantasy) and a friend told me that she’d read my stuff and I was really a romance author. Because I respected this (friend) author’s opinion, I checked out the romance section of my nearest bookstore and found paranormal romance and haven’t looked back since. I am totally in love with the genre.

I’ve written four paranormal romances so far. I work so it’s hard to juggle the two careers. How many novels have you written to date and are they all in the same genre?

My debut novel is THE STORMY LOVE LIFE OF LAURA CORDELAIS, which is a supernatural/vampire romance. In the same series (Vampires in Manhattan series) I have three (the number is growing) additional novellas, which is WHEN LOVE SURVIVES (prequel), A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS (sequel), and coming soon VAMPIRE IN THE BASEMENT (sequel to WHEN LOVE SURVIVEs and a paranormal romance comedy).


I don’t plot at all, but I know a lot of authors do. How much time do you spent on plotting?

I dream all my plots. I write my dreams down in journals and start writing the entire story there. At a certain point I feel I need to switch to the computer and then I finish the story on computer. I’m given the plot in my dreams and then fill in the empty or unclear places with research.

I have an office, but when the sun shines I am outside somewhere. Where do you do most of your writing?

That changes—on the sofa, at my desk, on the bed, in hotel rooms, at the beach, in waiting rooms, etc. I always have a journal in my purse or my netbook with me. So I always have the opportunity to write.

Now onto the good part. Tell us about your latest release.

THE STORMY LOVE LIFE OF LAURA CORDELAIS (which is part of the Vampires in Manhattan series) is about a woman who doesn’t realize she’s inherited Telkhine powers from her mother. Laura has a desperately horrible day which makes her question her existence. She ends up clinging to a railing on the Brooklyn Bridge. When she changes her mind, she falls into the river. Vampire David Hilliard has just asked God for mercy and to end his loneliness. He has a vision of her and plunges into the river to save her. Unfortunately, Laura is mortally injured and he has only one choice. David doesn’t know that to love a Telkhine brings doom upon them both and plunges them into a world of sorcery and voodoo. Will his love be enough to save them? Does Laura truly love him?

Available as an ebook
Also available in Kindle

I’m awaiting news of the print release date.

All of my romance ebooks are available at All Romance Books and other fine ebook stores.

Can you give us a tasty excerpt.

Of course. Here it is.

After dancing the hours away, lost in each other's embrace, they left for home.
When David arrived at his apartment, he handed her the keys. "I'm giving you my
apartment. Tomorrow I'll make sure, you're set up financially."
Laura shook her head. "You don't have to give me your apartment. Where will you stay?"
"Oh, it doesn't matter. With friends. Out at the cemetery." Then he left. David laughed as he walked down the street, realizing how ridiculous he was to give away his place, not a small gift in Manhattan.Then she mind talked again. David, come back. He returned and knocked on the door. She opened it immediately.
"You don't do that in New York City. Did you even look through the peephole?"
"No. I knew it was you." Then she took his hand. "I'm afraid to be here by myself. Can't you just stay?"
"Okay. You take the bedroom and I'll sleep on the couch."
Laura went into the bedroom to get him a pillow and blankets. Then she came
out with a sad expression on her face. "Um, David, there's only a coffin in there."
"I can't sleep in a box."
"Okay. I'll take the coffin, and you take the sofa."
She sat down next to him on the sofa looking all adorable wearing only his white
pin-stripe shirt with her pink panties. "Maybe we could both sleep on the sofa?"
"I guess. You stretch out here, and I'll be your blanket." As soon as he was in position, he knew that this would lead to something. Then he heard her soft voice in his head. I want you, David. I want you so much.His eyes snapped opened. "Laura, do you realize you're mind talking?"
"What's mind talking?"
"We have a blood connection because I'm your sire. You think things to me orabout me and I hear them."
"Oh." Her sweet face went from surprise to a shy smile, when she realized what he heard. "Well?"

How can your readers keep up with your news?

I have a lot coming out in the next few months. You can visit any of these sites and find out.
Website: Susan Hanniford
Blog: Nights of Passion
Tease Publishing

How do you deal with rejection letters?

I file them in the event I need them to demonstrate for tax purposes that I am actually living the life of an author. Then I forget about them and move on.

What's your advice about getting an agent?

As some of my author friends have told me, it’s important that the agent and the author be on the same page and be working together. Not every agent is the perfect agent for every author. It’s like building a business relationship. There are a lot factors to be considered. As an author be educated in those factors. Join writers’ groups. Visit Preditors and Editors website.

I do not have an agent. That hasn’t stopped me from being published.

Most authors rely on critique partners for an extra eye on when they are writing. Who do you rely on and why?

I had joined Romance Critters and met my critique partner a.c. Mason. Mason now has a critique partner closer to where she lives, and I’m running on my own right now, which I’m comfortable with. Mason and I will send each other things from time to time if we want comments and we’ll chat on the phone about upcoming stories.

What is your favorite part of writing?

I’m actually a great lover of solitude. I love quieting out the outside world and watching the world in my brain and writing it as fast as I can—usually repeats of the dreams from the night before.

How do you get past all the frustrations that come with trying to be a successful writer?

Belief. It all boils down to one thing. Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe in your book? Talk to your friends, because they love you no matter what. Get educated. Find a good writers group and make friends beyond critiquing. If you visit my romance blog, look at the names. I am personally connected to everyone there, except Toni. I connected to Mason and she’s connected to Toni. Go out and build connections. It takes time. Give yourself the time. I started Nights of Passion blog with just me for several months until I asked Mason to join me. It was and still is a great way to meet people albeit online.

My support system which includes my family has helped me past all the frustrations.

Although I write romance I love Historical romances. What do you like to read?

LOL Paranormal romance. Sometimes other genres of romance. Sometimes science fiction and fantasy.

What actor/actress gets your pulses racing?

Alexander Skarsgard.

Good, choice susan. Thanks for popping in.

It’s been fun being on your blog, Margaret. Thanks.

Before you go are there any upcoming signings or appearances you’d like to mention?

My next ebook release will be VAMPIRE IN THE BASEMENT.

I will be participating in the Authors After Dark Romance Unlimited Convention in Secaucus, New Jersey, September 16-19. There's still time to register. There will be tons of fun events, panels, workshops, parties, a charity auction, and giveaways. Here's the link:
Authors After Dark.

For those that are attending Authors After Dark Romance Unlimited Convention, come up to me and say “I saw you on Margaret West’s blog” and I will give you a small gift, while my supply lasts.


  1. Wonderful interview, ladies. Vampires in Manhattan - what fun! Fitting for the city that never sleeps. :) Congrats on your release, Susan, and wishing you much success!

  2. Lovely post Susan,
    True, you don't need an agent and you must believe in yourself. I find, as you do, critique partners are the best friends of a writer.
    Good luck with your novels. They sound thrilling.



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