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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Welcome David Fingerman

The winner Brandy chose for her signed book is Yadkny....yaaaay....Brandi will contact you soon. Loretta Canton won my surprise gift as a new follower.

The race is on again for David. If your a new follower you will receive a gift from me Dabid has his own one for a randon commenter

Good Morning David. It’s so nice to see you back and chat about your new release. Firstly, David is giving away some fabulous 12 x18 posters of his book cover. They will look really cool on a child’s wall. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi Margaret. Thank you so much for having me back. A bit about me, huh? Well, I'm a true Minnesotan. Other than being born in St. Paul, I've lived my entire life in Minneapolis. My favorite season is autumn and my least favorite is summer. I think feet are the ugliest part of the human body (exterior), but a person's hands can be quite lovely. I can watch movies where people get decapitated, torn apart, and mulched, without raising an eyebrow, but I'm totally grossed out by people who use too much toothpaste on their toothbrush. Too much information?

OMG, too much toothpaste!!! Lol Now that’s funny. Reading Catherine Cookson years ago inspired me to write. I loved her books so much. Who do you think inspires you?

I like to think that it's not so much who, rather what inspires me to write. The answer to that is pretty much everything. Overhearing snippets of conversation, things I might see while driving or walking might inspire a story. That being said, my wife is a big inspiration. Not only for all the love and support, but the threat of if I don't write everyday she'll make me go out and get a real job.
A writer’s life never stops, so tell me, what’s next on your writing agenda?
Wow. I wish I knew. When I'm not bouncing off walls, I'm bouncing from book to book to short story to book. I'm presently working on the third Louise Miller novel, I'm also in the middle of a horror novel, and just last week I had an idea for another horror novel that wouldn't let me alone until I started writing it. I've also got a number of unfinished short stories. ADHD can be a blessing and a curse.

LOL I’d get terribly confused. I once tried writing two books in tandem and the characters somehow migrated into each other’s stories lol. Now I’d like you to pick your favourite character from your new release, Silent Kill and tell us about them.

I would have to go with Elias. Not only was he fun to write, but he was also the easiest. He's big, he's a bully, he's sadistic with a little masochism thrown in. Despite being truly evil (and he does know and accept that fact) he truly loves his dog, far more than any human being. There's one line in "Silent Kill' that I think pretty much sums up Elais ~ If people would just do what I say, they wouldn't get hurt.

Oh well, he might be evil but his priorities seem good. He likes animal’s lol. Tell me about Silent Kill. What is is about?

My pleasure.
Police must follow a labyrinth, leading into the darkest tunnel of a twisted mind. A mind that carries no value for human life-
Minneapolis police officer Louise Miller has attitude. Not only does she have to deal with the good old boy mentality of the department, but she's also a gay police officer who has to deal with harassment on a higher level. When one of her few friends on the force goes missing Miller investigates, despite her captain's order to leave it to the detectives.
As Miller scours the precinct for any sign of the missing officer, Elias Boughton is on a psychopathic rampage. Kidnapping and murder are games he plays, blindly obeying a voice from his past.
As the body count rises, Miller is convinced the detectives are heading in the wrong direction. Trying to fit the puzzle together, each clue revolves around a particular Rottweiler.

Louise Miller is an intricate character of the book and she has kindly agreed to do a short interview with me today.

Hello Louise, thank you for taking the time to visit with us today. Tell me, do you like your job with the police force?

Pleased to meet you, Margaret. Great hair, by the way.

Thank you, Louise. I like you already!

I do love my job, it's the people I work with that I can't stand. Actually, most of them are pretty okay folks, but there are a handful that makes it very trying at times.

Your brother, Andrew, is a deputy sheriff. Do you get a long? I’ve heard you argue a lot?

Considering he's a doofus we get along great. (Just kidding, Andrew) You know when you have those moral dilemmas where your good conscience is arguing with your bad? Andrew is always the voice of the good conscience, so you really want to just slap him around some. Yeah, we argue a bit, but just brother/sister kind of arguing. Seriously, whenever I'm in a jam, I can't think of a better person to be at my side.

Your partner Karla Spires is new to the team. How are you getting along together?

We're getting along great (knocking on wood). I don't want to say anything more and jinx it.

Do you find it tough being a gay woman in a male orientated profession?

As I mentioned in an earlier question it's just a handful of jerk-offs (pardon my language, but that's what they are) that make it so difficult. I definitely have to prove myself above and beyond the men, but then so do the straight women on the force. It is what it is ~ not worth complaining about.

Thanks Louise. I let you get back to your work now. David, where can your followers find you?

I've got followers? (Images of Monty Python's "Life of Brian" are popping into my head) If I said where they could find me I'd have to find a new hiding place. But for anyone curious as to what I'm up to, they can go to my site and find all the latest that the Stars and Enquirers are afraid to print.

I loved Monty Python. I think it’s an acquired taste though lol. Which brings me to my next question. If you could be anyone you like, who would you be?

As the song goes, I gotta be me. That's not to say I wouldn't like to experience the money of Steve Forbes or Bill Gates, or the-world-handed-to-me-on-a-silver-platter like Paris Hilton, or the genius of Stephen Hawking, but I've spent a lifetime developing who I am, and I kinda like me.

Well, I rather like you too, as I’m sure, your readers will/do too. Recently I wrote an article on dreams and how some are spiritual and some just random brain waves. Can you share one of yours with us?

Okay, but this one has a moral attached.
A while back, I woke up at about 2:45am after dreaming an incredibly exciting and life-like dream. As I lay in bed, I thought what a great short story, or who knows, maybe even a novel this would make. I concentrated on the details so I wouldn’t forget. Why didn’t I get up and write them down? Hey, it was 2:45 in the morning – I was tired. Actually, I should have known better – I did know better and chose to ignore it. I used to write down my dreams and don’t know why I broke out of the habit. Pure laziness on my part. Hell, I should’ve gotten up and headed straight for the computer. I was pretty wide-awake by then anyway. Instead, I just lay there. Finally, after memorizing all the details I went back to sleep and woke up around 6:30. I’d had a couple of dreams in the meantime about my old job that only Freud (and maybe my ex-boss) might find interesting, but no big whoop for me. The first thing that I thought of was trying to remember that first dream. I remembered the basics – it was a reality TV show where groups of people were offered plots of land. (Maybe I dismissed the job dreams too readily.) Somehow the intricacies that had made it so exciting and memorable faded with the new bout of sleep. Oh yeah, two groups had started to fight and there was a murder? A little more interesting but I still had a hard time trying to put it all together. At 2:50 I had known who and why. I knew what they looked like and their personalities. As for when I got up – nothing.
By the time I finished brushing my teeth (minimal amount of toothpaste) and taking a shower, it had faded to an incredibly lame idea. I wish I had written it down at 2:45. Who knows? The next Edgar winner might’ve just flitted through my brain (as semiconscious as it was, and maybe still is).
In the meantime I spent an unproductive day working on my present novel. Flashes of the dream turned into a distraction as I either tried to bury it or resurrect it. Neither one worked. After berating myself I got a pen and pad of paper, along with a small reading light, and placed it next to the alarm clock. When I went to bed I was ready. Instead, wouldn't you know, insomnia decided to make its return.

Buy it here

David, it’s been a pleasure. Good luck with your new book. Please leave David a comment and you will be entered into a draw to win a surprise ‘Thank you’ pressie from me.


  1. Very interesting interview, although I'm still wondering why David knows how much toothpaste people use and why that bothers him more than if they squeeze the tube in the middle. *smile*

    Enjoyed the excerpt.

  2. Hi David, what a fun post. I enjoyed reading it. I'm with Margaret though, how anyone can work on two or three stories at a time boggles my mind. I have enough trouble concentrating on one.
    You book sounds like a winner.
    Good luck on the sales.

  3. Hi Margaret & Hi David,
    Great post! Definitely a lesson learned in the dream journal department. That's happened to me as well. The book sounds fascinating and look at that cover... it's one you can't miss.

    *New Follower

  4. Hello David,

    I loved your interview with Margaret. And one of the best things about it (besides learning more about you, your writing inspirations, dreamas - and not always capturing your dreams on paper) was the interview with your character, Louise Miller.

    Fabulous write up. Makes me want to read the book.

  5. I am a reader and I think covers are important. It is what makes you want to pick up a book. I like yours, david. The premise sounds great.

  6. thank you all for stopping by.

    hi ginger - middle of the tube squeezing doesn't bother me at all. people frothing at the mouth like they're rabid does. ; )

    hey lorrie - thank you. working on more than one thing at a time has meant i've never suffered from writers block. fortunately, each story is different enough that i haven't had to worry about them over-lapping (at least not yet).

    yadkny - thanks. i have gone back to keeping pen and paper next to the bed.

    hi katy - i'd love for you to read the book, but i'm afraid it might be a little too violent for your tastes.

    thanks peggy - i love the cover too. i wish i could take credit for it, but the publisher was in total creative control.

  7. Very interesting interview. I'd love to read his book.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  8. hi linda - i'd love to have you read my book. : )

    thanks for stopping by.

  9. I enjoyed David's interview (and his characters'). I especially like the part about the dream and wishing he had written it down. I had my own middle of the night epiphany once and I did write it down. "3" Yup, that's what I wrote - "3" - it was supposed to be a string-around-the-finger reminder but I have no idea what it means.
    Good luck!

  10. That was a fun interview. I'm not sure I can imagine getting up to write down a dream... I'm more inclined to go back to sleep quick and re-dream it if it was good.

  11. lulilut ~ lol - yup, like you, i've found out the hard way clues don't work when it comes to remembering dreams.

    sheila ~ it definitely takes some getting used to, but once you get started it's like any other habit.

    thank you both for stopping by.



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