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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Welcome to Dreamshield

Today I'd like to welcome Alysa Braceau, who was given the name Dreamshield in a dream. How? You will need to read her facinating book The Soucerer's Dream. I have posted a review to this book too. Which you can read at the bottom of this post. Alysa and I are very interested in your views about dreams and what they mean to you. So please do leave a comment for her. New people who comment and follow the blog will go into a draw and win a thank you gift from me.

Meet Dreamshield.

Alysa Braceau, Dreamshield lives in the Netherlands and has a 6-year old daughter. She studied social legal studies and the last ten years she is a (freelance) journalist and publisher. Besides that she has a healing practice and gives workshops about the Art of Dreaming.

Dreamshield is author of The Sorcerer’s Dream. The theme of the passed years have been the sorcerers tradition and mastering conscious (lucid) dreaming. She carefully recorded her personal experiences which has finally led to this first book.

Good Morning Dreamshield. Can you tell us what inspired you to write this book?

Hello Margaret. Thanks for having me here. Someone can win a copy of The Sorcerer’s Dream today. There is a contest going on right now on my site, offering a chance to win a copy of the book. I invite you to type in 'Book Giveaway' in the question area and you will be entered in the drawing on Oct 30 (2010).
Good luck!
Best, Alysa

More than six years ago I met the shaman Running Deer aka Vidar somewhere in Amsterdam. I found him so intriguing that I started a conversation with him. When I visited him a few months later at his place, he invited me to be his apprentice, to learn the art of mastering conscious (lucid) dreaming, one of the teachings of totality in the sorcerer’s tradition. And he suggested that I write a book about my experiences. At that time I was a journalist and used to write about my personal experiences following new age workshops so I eagerly said ‘yes’ to both of his questions.
I could definitely feel this was the path I wanted to follow. This was my chance to learn more about the knowledge I was waiting for.
This path is in the tradition of Carlos Castaneda, he described the first line of knowledge, coming from the Toltec’s and Aztecs.
My dreaming teacher said there is also a second line in which he have been raised. Originally there was only one sorcerer’s line, but because hunters covered great distances during the ice age, and due to the origination of land bridges, this original line split into two tribes. The second line is the North American tradition. He said that we both come from the same spiritual family and that his assignment is to lead me into the teachings of the totality.
Beforehand, I had no specific goals regarding discoveries in comparison to Castaneda. It was ‘just’ that my teacher told me that he was capable of leading me toward the totality within two-and-a-half years. I felt attracted to that goal, and I went for that. He also told me that
there were big differences in the paths to follow. Explicitly he said: “You cannot compare the two traditions because there are different teaching methods.” I explain this in more detail in the book.
In a later stage of my sorcerers-apprenticeship I found out myself how important it is to free myself from convictions, fears, trauma’s etcetera.
To be able to free myself, to heal myself, I could travel with my dream body - after having mastered the skill of lucid dreaming - into the unknown and recognise myself in totality!

The Sorcerer’s dream, an initiation into the sorcerer’s world and mastering conscious dreaming. Buy it at:

The book can be ordered on Amazon – and everywhere they sell books



Vidar sits up straight and slightly uncomfortable on the smooth couch. He bounces up and down, feels it and looks around him as if it is the first time he is sitting on it. He fidgets and starts massaging my calves, during which he starts moaning, first giggly but then more and more passionately and he does that remarkably well and with enormous devotion. With the aaaaah’s and oooooh’s which seem to be coming from his abdomen, he touches every sensitive chord of my body. I shriek from arousal. Vidar smiles contrite, but his demonstration appears to be no more than an introduction to his own sexual development.
“Reproduction can be arranged in three minutes,” he starts, “securing the evolution, but on the way to dreaming and visions the arousal needs to be very intense. With shamans, earth-energy and universal energy flow freely through the meridians,” and uncovers, “that explains my sexual charisma. Shamans send sexual energy through the senses and far outside the body through the orgasm. The mounting line of energy is driven by consciousness and awareness, and is taken to a high level by producing primitive sounds from the abdomen, and is kept high by sensuality.”
He mentions a couple of resources: sexy lingerie and clothing, stirring and stimulating music, scents, provoking each other by touching, but also someone’s manner, their face or facial expression. “It’s important to constantly be in a light state of arousal. The heightening of sexual energy leads to dreaming. In addition, when the energy reaches the level of the forehead chakra, visions will appear and together you recognize your cosmic history. It is an encounter beyond the intellectual knowledge. At the height of the excitement, words are not spoken, because you transfer to primitive sounds, to the voice of your body. You just got a taste of that,” he grins. “The sexual energy is taken to the spiritual senses outside the body through the orgasm; they are the steps to a higher consciousness. The steps to totality,” Vidar explains. “Then a total transcendence takes place of the material body. Spirits meet, recognition takes place and together you become an androgynous being,” he puts his hands together in front of his chest and turns them a quarter turn toward him. “In this androgynous state you are all-knowing and you can only reach that in this way. This combined action is the reflection of the birth of the universe. If you know this, you will understand why there are two polarities, yin and yang and so forth. The number two is a universal principal that everything in the material universe revolves around.”

The Sorcerer's Dream Review

Reviewed by Margaret West
Paranormal & Romance Author.
Virtual Blog Host for Authors promoting Authors

Covers are important to me as I feel they catch a reader’s eye. So I was disappointed that such a good book had a very bland cover. I have to make a point of saying that this book is not about fantasy. It is a guide to the Native American traditions of dreaming, sorcery, and shamanism. So don’t be misled by the title.
Alysa Braceau explores the teachings of Carlos Castaneda and writes about her journey as an apprentice woman sorcerer, dreamer, and healer within the Native-American traditions. Dreamshield aka Alysa, is a wife and mother and this book is her quest for soul searching and spiritual healing. Accompanying Dreamshield on her sorcerer training sessions is her mentor, Running Deer. To embrace the knowledge from her dreams she must let go of her material ideas of the world and hold onto the alternate reality she finds herself in. For this reality reveals her true self and with it challenges that she will need to overcome to be a woman sorcerer.
Through the knowledge she gathers about traditional shamanism and magic and with the teaching of Running Deer, the author guides you on a personal inner journey through dreaming. What I liked about this book is that as a reader you can see Dreamshield begin to change as a person as she gains knowledge and becomes more aware of the power of dreaming. Over a period of two and a half years she masters the hidden powers of dreaming. The journey is not an easy one, but it is one she wants to share with the world. I liked the book, but it is not an easy read and in places, I felt a little confused as to what she was trying to say. Anyone who seeks wisdom and discovering their total self might find it in The Sorcerer’s Dream. I recommend you read it and find out for yourself.
Rating 4/5


  1. Great post and great review! Well done and I too just finished this book today :).

  2. I am a huge believer in dreams and what they can tell you. I am intrigued by this book and Dreamshields journey. The review is very truthfull, no flannel or sniping. I think I might buy this because based from the review.

  3. Interesting post. I have a fascination for learning about Native American ways of life and beliefs.

    The books sounds like a terrific read and is on my wish list. Thanks for letting me know about it.

    Good luck with all the other interested readers and I wish you many sales.

  4. I love the fact this book is real and not fiction. I agree with you about the cover. Good luck dreamshield with the book.

  5. Thanks for your comments!
    Best dreaming wishes:)

  6. I rarely remember my dreams, but there are times, when I need to know... I wake with them cler in my mind and know to act on them as and when.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the interview and will add your book to my wish list. I agree the cover artist did not do your subject/story justice.
    A great review, too.

  7. Sounds as if it could be a very interesting read, but I think it might be a bit 'heavy' for my taste.
    I'm also of the mind that the cover doesn't do it justice, one might think the artist had an off day with his imagination.



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