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Friday, 15 October 2010

Welcome to Robin Cain

Good Morning. Just for today I’d like to get away from the paranormal and the build up to Halloween. I have a very special guest who has written a book that will intrigue and captivate you. One lucky reader who leaves a comment, links this blog with this guest spot on their blog or FB page and sends Robin a copy of their link to will receive a paperback of her book and a $10 itunes card. Wow, how fabulous is that!!! As usual, anyone new who comments and follows the blog will go in to a draw to win a thank you gift from me. (Make sure you leave your email in the post.)

Before we start here is a bit about her.

Robin Cain lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband, daughter, three dogs, three horses and donkey. As a novelist and regular contributing writer for an online publication, she spends her days searching for the perfect words to amuse, enlighten and touch her readers.

A percentage of the proceeds of this book will be donated to the American non-profit organization To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA), which aims to present hope and find help for people struggling with problems such as depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.

To learn more about Robin or read an excerpt of her book, please visit her website:

Hello Robin, pull up chair and I'll pour you a cup of british tea while you talk about your new book, When Dreams Bleed.

“How did you come up with all this stuff?”

This is a question I’ve been asked more than once by people who’ve read my book, WHEN DREAMS BLEED. A brutalized body washed up on the shores of a lake in Washington and a gruesome suicide-by-firearm are just not the sort of things on which a ‘middle-aged, middle-America, law abiding woman’ like me would normally have any insights. But, as any author knows, the answer lies in the ‘research, research and more research’.

Writing a crime story requires great attention to detail – particularly if the crime is a figment of the writer’s imagination. It’s not an easy undertaking to create motivation, details, plausible events and the ensuing investigation. An author must think like a criminal or a cop and be convincing enough to ensure that the reader will ‘believe’. Since most authors don’t have firsthand knowledge of crime, creating a crime scene (particularly in the case of a homicide) requires hours and hours of research. Even though as it was mentioned here in a previous blog that crimes in real life, more often than not, lack real justification, readers still like to understand the rationale, what led the criminals to do what they did and how it all happened. Readers like to get into the minds of criminals. That’s what makes a good story. No one wants to hear about how some guy buried a knife in his wife simply because she read the Sunday paper first or that someone killed their neighbor over a badly trimmed tree. Though this is the stuff of real life, the fact of the matter is that engaging stories need to be far more complex.

Want to know about blood spatter patterns? What kinds of bugs infest a body a few days after death? What type of fragments are left behind by certain bullets? The criminal charges passed down in a certain city for negligent homicide? One doesn’t need a degree in forensic science or contacts in criminal law to ascertain these facts. All this information is within anyone’s reach as long as they have the time, inclination and research skills. The internet has opened the doors to a wealth of information. With a few clicks of a mouse, a writer can pull up sample crime scene done There are even sites out there that make searching easier. According to the info on its website, Crime Spider has ‘compiled the best crime/ law enforcement sites and categorized topics so one doesn’t have to sort through hundreds of sites to find the one that fits the bill’.

No, this ‘middle-aged, middle-America, law-abiding woman’ doesn’t have any first-hand knowledge about murder or suicide, but, like any good author, I’ve done my research. Every fact, event, character and motivation in WHEN DREAMS BLEED is a figment of my imagination, BUT they were all based on something I found somewhere during my research.

Though I suppose the similarities of blood and guts and motivations remain the same, the paranormal genre is something I have yet to tackle. While immersed in an entirely new world of facts and details – vampires, werewolves, beasts roaming the earth looking for their next victims – this author can’t help but wonder how paranormal authors do their research. The tables have turned and I, like my readers before me, stand in awe of how it’s done. Are some of you moonlighting as creatures of the night? Have some of you lived other lives? Is blood a staple of your diets? What I really mean to say is, “How in the world do YOU come up with all this stuff??”

Now that's a good question. Comment and let Robin know how you come up with your paranormal themes.
Thanks for stoping by Robin. Good luck with your book.


  1. Hi Robin

    Your books sounds really interesting. You must have put a lot of research into it. Good luck.

  2. I love books like this. I'm defo going to get it. It's nice to meet you Robin.

  3. Hi Robin,
    Thanks for sharing the websites with us. We authors never have too many earmarked for research. Paranormal is the same. Much research and a good imagination. With my novella I had to dig into a lot of research about the Roma people, customs, beliefs, etc.
    Your books sounds like a great read. I know all the research paid off. It's on my wish list.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us, and good luck with your future endeavors.

  4. excellent post. thanks for sharing the research website. your book sounds fascinating.

  5. Thanks DAvid, Lorrie, Peggy and Kelly! Nice of you to stop by. @ Lorrie - I can't even begin to imagine how deep you had to dig! I wouldn't know where to start...

  6. Writing paranormal fiction is easier if you spent your childhood feasting on a steady diet of fantasy books and horror films your dad probably shouldn't have let you watch. It requires a lot of time spent dreaming.

  7. I'm not a writer but I imagine inspiration can come from anywhere depending on where your interests are. Two people could look at the moon and imagine different scernios.
    Thanks for the interview and the links you use for research.

  8. Hello, sounds like your type of research requires a bit of "stomach." It's even harder if you're looking for that type of research in a historical setting. Thanks for sharing your insights and links. When I write paranormal, I often focus on "supernatural" topics, and a lot of research has been done on this, for example, one can find a lot of books on angels, the information having been derived from ancient texts, psychics and mystical experiences. As for ghosts, well, lots of people have personal experience with them and have recorded their knowledge. Same with the astral plane and other such topics. I don't write about mythical creatures, but there are a lot of books out there on them, how the legends came about etc...
    At any rate, I find the paranormal genre exciting. Good luck!
    L_Hogg at comcast dot net



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