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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Welcome Betty Collier

Today, I'd like to welcome Betty Collier.

She has written a very thought provoking book called Living inside the testimony. The cover is beautiful, I'm sure you will agree.

Good Morning Betty, it’s lovely to have you here in freezing Kent, England. For those who comment today, please leave your email address. You will be in the running to win a $10Amazon gift voucher.
While I stoke the fire and pour the tea, tell me, who inspires you to write?

Good Morning Margaret. Thank you for having me here today. I wrote this book after being divinely inspired by the Lord to share my testimony with others. The book is based on my faith, and I wrote it knowing that not everyone would share it. Today I am sharing my faith with anyone who chooses to believe.
I never wanted to be an author, and if you had asked me prior to January 2009 if I’d write a book, my answer would have immediately been "absolutely not." I never had the desire to write. Perhaps my honesty will make you wonder if the book is even worth reading. However, the one thing I do know...I am an author. I became one overnight, and in fact, I know the exact night it happened. It was after midnight when January 9, 2009 turned into January 10th, the night I dreamed about this book. I am confident that if you allow me to share my journey with you, you will understand perfectly, but only if you have the faith to believe.

Everyone had their own faith, Betty, so I’m sure they will be interested in what you have to say. I believe it s a calling to be an author. You either are, or not. So now this book is finished, what’s next on your writing agenda?

My plans are simply to share my journey with others, and I will go wherever this book takes me in order to do that. This is only the beginning. I am passionate about my story, and it’s my desire to reach as many people as I can to inspire and encourage them. There is more to come, but I will have to wait on divine inspiration to figure out what that is. I’m not currently working on another book project, but instead, I’m focusing solely on this one and also the new internet radio talk show that has resulted because of the book. I just started hosting a talk show on November 15 on as a direct result of it.

Wow, how fabulous. Good luck with the show. Can you tell me a bit about the people in the story? Do you have a favourite?

I have a chapter devoted to each of my two children. However, if I have to narrow it down to my favorite character, it would have to be my husband William. I’ve been married to the absolute love of my life for 24 years, and for as long as I can remember, my world has revolved around him. We fell in love at age 14 and went through some traumatic events in high school. He almost died a week before high school graduation due to an epidural hematoma, and had to have emergency brain surgery. Because of our great love and of course the love of God, we are blessed to be together and have such a wonderful life. I call him my very own Prince William because he really is. Our lives are like a fairy tale, and although there have been trials and tribulations over the course of 24 years of marriage, there is one thing that is always constant for both of us, and that’s our everlasting and never-ending love affair. We are truly blessed.

How lovely. In this modern world it’s hard to find our soul mate. It sounds like you found yours straight away. As you’re a new writer have you got any advice for other budding authors?

All of us have something to share with others, and if we would simply take the time to begin the writing process and stay committed to it, we could all write something to share. Don’t give up on your ideas and your dreams. Just keep writing until you finish the book. I know it’s easier said than done, but the only way to finish a book is to write it.

Before you go Betty, where can your followers find you
The best way is to visit my website. It has everything you need and links to everything else.

Here are some other places if you want to go directly to them, but my website also has links to them.
Book Trailer
Internet Radio Talk Show

Thanks for dropping by. Good luck with your book.


  1. What a lovely story, Betty, thank you for sharing. I wish you and your book very well. That is a lovely cover.

  2. Thanks Margaret for a wonderful interview, and thanks Jules for your thoughtful comments.
    ~Betty Collier~

  3. Very inspiring. Keep writing and keep sharing your spirit.
    Liz Arnold
    The Wild Rose Press

  4. Hi Betty,
    With Divine Inspiration, how can you go wrong?

    I do know of what you speak and I'm glad you listened to that quiet voice. And with that guidance, I'm sure if you keep listening, your book will be a success. Keep following the path set before you. You have a message to share.
    The cover is beautiful.

  5. I just love the cover of your book Betty, it's shouting out to be framed and hung on the wall to remind you that the hands of God are there if you need his help. From what I have just read you are an inspiration to everyone yourself. To be able to have a message that you should put into a book how religion found you is great. And to have the love and support of a good man is absolutley magic. As Margaret said there's not many people have that kind of devotion in this troubled world today.

  6. Liz, Lorrie, and Country Queen: Thank you all so very much for such thoughtful comments. I am encouraged every time someone takes time to read anything about the book. It's inspiration to me to keep going! I would like to suggest that you go to my website and read the ENTIRE story about the COVER PAGE. If you like the picture, you will be amazed how it actually became part of the book. Visit my website at and click the "Cover Design Wonderment" page to read the entire story. Thanks again for your comments!
    ~Betty Collier~



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