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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Welcome to Kristin Roisin

Good Morning. It's wet, cold and miserable outside, but in my cosy lounge, warmed by my log fire, is Kristin Roistin the author of Paranormal Nyte Beauti. The story of one woman's epic search for identity, belonging, and love. Kristin is also giving away a sign copy of her book to a random person who comments.
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Here is a bit about her.

A very happily married, stay at home mother, raising two little boys. Kristin has been writing since junior high, loving all forms of the written word, including poetry, short stories, scripts and even music, but only in the last 6 or 7 years, has had the inspiration, and support, to actually have her works published.
And now, that dream is coming true! With a wonderful team at PublishAmerica, to help Kristin realize this dream, and with the love and support of friends and family, she knows that this book, a paranormal romance, can only do great things.

I have a bit of a problem with this interview today. One of the characters of the book is called Morrigan and she refuses let me and Kristin get out a sentence before butting in. So I’ve decided to interview her about the role she plays in Nyte Beauti, while Kristin puts her feet up and has a nice cup of British tea.

Good Morning Morrigan, thanks for popping by today. Let's first get this question out of the way. Where, and even more importantly, when, were you born?

Hi Margaret. Thanks for havin' me. I was born in the year 1584, in Slieverue , Sliabh Rua, which when translated means "Red Mountain." It’s a village in Southern Kilkenny, in Southern Ireland.

From what I can understand, Logan is your best friend. Some would even go as far as to say, he's your soulmate. Can you tell us how you two met?

Her green eyes flash... How did we meet.... Aye, well... That's an interestin' tale, no doubt. I was searchin' for someone. Turned out, when I found 'im... Logan, and 'is brood squad 'ad already... she smirks slightly ...dispatched 'im. Things get... a little blurry after that... But I will add...I do not mourn that ape, Anton, one single bit.

I don’t know if I’m a believer in fate. Are you?

That is a difficult question ta be answerin'. I'm not totally sure that fate exists. A set of pre-ordained moments, that we 'ave no say on. Nay, I'd be sayin' no.
Do I believe, though, that I'm who, and where, I am supposed ta be? Aye, that I do.

Kristin and I would like to know the readers ideas on this, I’m sure Morrigan would to. In the mean time, tell me abit more about your family?

Logan - Don't be lettin' that cold as steel facade fool ya. He feels deeper than most give 'im credit for. Ya 'ave ta be rememberin'... just because he's a vampire, doesn't mean his humanity died with his mortality.
Desta - Ahh. Lady Desta. Logan's long lost love. She's an odd one, that Desta. The key to her.... always watch 'er eyes.
Alexander - Alex.. sighs wistfully... Logan's oldest friend, and one of the oldest living Magi to date. Well, don't tell 'im I said so, but fire and 'im... don't exactly be gettin' along... if ya be catchin' me meaning... points to Alex's gloves.

Well, we know that you're protective of those you care about. Even so, you didn't seem too happy when Logan found himself a bride. So, what exactly set you off about Serenity?

Blinks... Is this a serious question?

Oh Yes, I’m always serious when it comes to poking my nose in lol

Shakes her head... It was obvious that she didn't truly love Logan. She certainly didn't respect 'im, or 'is position as the head of our coterie. She promisedta love, honor and cherish him. It shouldn't 'ave been that easy ta throw away that ring. She is weak - selfish. And ultimately, she wasn't deservin' of such a fine man.

Is there anything about yourself, that you don't like to share with others?

Her eyes dull slightly...Aye. But you don't think I'll be tellin' the likes o' you lot, do you?

Please? It won’t go any further than the whole world. I promise!!

I'm not ready to talk about this with... strangers.

I hope we are more friends than strangers. Could you try? I promise, if it becomes too... emotional, I'll hit delete.

Sigh... Fine... My exile from Ireland... was self-imposed. Growin' up, I 'ad a friend. One afternoon, we were practicing our sword fighting. He was showin' off, and as I lunged, he tried ta parry. But somethin' went awry, and... my sword found it's mark. Even though the others in me village agreed it was an accident, I should've known better. We both knew me skill was greater than 'is. I vowed ta leave.... until I found forgiveness.

Oh no, how sad. So, have you found forgiveness?

She lifts her chin defiantly... Aye. It's been a long road, an' I've 'ad some help. But I've been able to forgive myself.

Before you leave us, do you have anything else you’d like to share with us?

Sly grin, barring a hint of fang... just this motto of mine. A narrow neck keeps the bottle from being emptied in one swig.

Thank you so much for sharing with us today Morrigan. I hope you find the forgiveness your searching for.

Aye, thank ya, lass. May the road always reach up ta meet yer feet.

Here is an excerpt of Nyte Beauti to whet your appetite.

The book can be purchased from Amazon


“Long before he met ya, events took place that would bind Logan to
Desta for eternity.” Morrigan continued. “Call it what ya will. Loyalty,
obligation, doesn’t matter. He’ll not turn his back on her. Not for
anyone. Not e’en you.”

“But I’m his wife.” Serenity said.

“Aye. That ya are. And if ya wish to remain so, ya’d best start
listenin’ ta what I’m tellin’ ya.” Morrigan answered.

“You just want him for yourself!” Serenity snapped. “No wife in her
right mind would tolerate that helpless infant routine of hers.”

“Any wife with half a heart would’ve taken the time ta learn that for
all intensive purposes, Desta is an infant.” Morrigan retorted, as she
stepped towards Serenity, her eyes growing dark with anger.

“I don’t care. Let her husband take care of her. Why does Logan
have to run, every time she falls down?” Serenity muttered.

“If ya don’t know the answer ta that one already, it certainly isn’t my
place ta fill ya in.” Morrigan said with an eerie calm in her voice.
Morrigan slowly walked into Serenity, causing her to step backwards,
and herded Serenity to the door.

“Do us a favor. Go home. You’ve brought nothing but ill-feelin’s
and spite into a situation that doesn’t require it, nor warrant it. If you
truly love Logan, Go home. Stop makin’ him choose between you and
his family.”

“I’m not going anywhere.” Serenity sneered.

“Oh, but ya are.” Morrigan countered. “Yer gonna go home, and
allow Logan ta do what he needs ta do. Ye gonna wait quietly fer him,
and yer gonna be graceful through the whole thing. Do not, for one
moment, think that if Logan returns with the weight of the world on his
shoulders, that I won’t be on you, like nobody’s business.”

Slowly, as Morrigan continued, her fangs extended, and by the time
she finished, the woman had been replaced with a childhood nightmare,
as green eyes, once dark with anger, glowed red, and every syllable
hissed with a quiet rage.

Serenity watched as the transformation took place before her eyes.
Not actually ever having invoked the anger of another vampire,
especially one so volatile, Serenity trembled. Swallowing nervously,
she reached behind herself for the door.

With a low, menacing growl from Morrigan, Serenity turned and
fumbled with the door before running outside and disappearing into the

Lots of thanks to Morrigan and Kristin for popping in today. I think we will be seeing you both in my christmas feature. So take care until then.


  1. Cute interview. I love to meet the characters in a book. They sound like people I'd like to know.
    Thanks for sharing and good luck with the book.

  2. I like these character interviews. They make the book so much more interesting. Great post, excerpt...I'm hooked.

  3. Fun interview. Thanks for sharing a little of your world.

  4. Excellent interview. Enjoyed getting to know the characters and author. Love the book cover.

  5. Enjoyed the character interview. Best wishes on your success.

  6. Really cute interview. I enjoy character interviews, they're of more interest than some of the others, and provide a unique insight into the book. Sounds like a good read.

  7. Very interesting interview and excerpt. I enjoyed both immensely!

  8. Hi, nice to met you! Thanks for the interview. I love something different.

  9. I love Morrigan's motto - A narrow neck keeps the bottle from being emptied in one swig.

    Thanks for the interview.
    d.septer at



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