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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Good Morning to Lorrie Struiff

Lorrie is back today to talk about reading gadgets.The tea is steeping in the pot and the freshly baked bread is ready to butter.

Howdy Margaret,

Thank you for having me today. I had such a wonderful time chatting with you and your visitors the last time, I’m glad to be back. Now, pour that tea.

How about we talk short stories and what I call ‘gadgets’ today.

Have you noticed that many E-zines and small press publishers are asking authors for short stories? I’m not talking for anthologies, but actual lone shorts. And the shorter the better. Short stories seem to be getting more popular every day.

Publishers have been asking for 125 words to 5000 word stories.
What is this big push for shorts about? Why?

Okay, I’ll confess, I’m not up on all the technology available in today’s market. It’s all rather confusing to me. Everything is built right into your cell phone.

I have seen articles about reading apps—whatever they are-- for all the, hmm, can I call them gadgets, out in techno-land? I understand that readers want short stories for all these cell phone gadgets that have these apps to download stories. Some of these ‘gadgets’ are no bigger that the palm of your hand and slip into your pocket or purse easily. How cool is that?
They know shorts fit nicely with these small many app devices.

The mere thought makes me dizzy with all that is available at our fingertips today. To be honest, it makes me a little crazy, too, because I am not familiar with all the gadgets. I’m lucky I know enough about computers to write and an E-reader to read. That is my limit. I don’t even text on my ancient cell phone.

I may be behind the times, but I’m not with trying to help meet the demand for short stories. As I understand the fast moving technological world, short stories are in demand for;

1. A quick read on your lunch break.
2. Your bus ride to and from work.
3. Your wait in the doctors’ waiting room.
4. And so many more situations where you have to wait for more than ten minutes.

Perhaps your visitors can tell me where they read on their ‘gadgets.’
I’d really like to know.

Meanwhile, let me offer a variety of short 99 cent reads that span different genres. Take your pick.
And if you prefer longer reads, or want more info, check out my website

PASO DOBLE(Adult drama)
Have you ever watched Dancing with the Stars? Do you know what the dance Paso Doble signifies? Here is your chance to find out.
Lisa needs to win the gold medal to garner prestige for her dance studio. She lures Eduardo, a sizzling hot Latino dancer visiting from Miami, to be her partner in the contest. Will Lisa’s plan work? Click the cover to buy and find out.

(poignant drama)
Were the good old high school days really that sweet? Come back to yesteryear when Bren is in love with a troubled boy named Rip, and she hopes he asks her to his senior prom. The most popular girl in school, Jean, plays on Rip’s tortured soul. Does Bren get revenge?


A BLOODY VALENTINE(Historical fiction)
One of the bloodiest Valentine Days in American History. Think Chicago and prohibition

Poor Winnie tries skydiving with her husband for their anniversary. Bad, bad idea! She ends up on the halfway plateau. You know-- that place between heaven and hell. Her revenge is unintentional but sweet. Come along for her humorous adventure.

A roller coaster ride of thrills and chills.
Morgan is researching on an Indian reservation in Prescott, Arizona, for her new paranormal novel. She doesn’t believe in the paranormal, but writes it for the trend and the nice royalties. That is until her soon to be divorced husband tries to kill her, and she survives by her wits and a little “strange” help.


  1. Short stories, I don't think so, you can't get lost in those. You want a tea break read you have Mills and Boone, but for a 'losing yourself' read you need authors like yourself Lorrie, Margaret and others who can keep you lost and engrossed in make believe. So keep up the good work x

  2. This tea is very refreshing, Margaret. This bread is to die for. I'm so glad to be back.

    Country Queen, oh yes, I love to get lost in a novel, but the call for short stories is on the rise. As authors, I think we can do both, novels, novellas and shorts. Variety for where a reader wants to use one of those, lol, gadgets. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I've written and had published dozens of short stories, so I know whereof Lorrie speaks. Still, once I wrote an almost-novel for Nanowrimo, I'm stuck in long story mode. I keep telling myself to write shorts since it's way less frustrating as an author to sell and forget. Selling a novella or novel takes way, way longer.

    I have no idea if there is a preference statistic among readers. Has anybody taken a poll?

    Lorrie may call them "gadgets" but even if she doesn't curl up with a good Nook, she certainly understands publishing her previously published stories to keep them available for readers.

  4. On the 'gadget' talk, I'm one of those people who takes their kindle to the doctor's office and reads. I find i read more novels on that. If i have an ipad in front of me, however, i tend to read short stories, as i can access them easily and feel that it is more economical with the ipad format.
    As for curling up with a good book, I tend to want a novel, when i want to invest, timewise, in reading something. For some reason, the longer books feel like they give me more for the time i'm giving them. But there is nothing like a good short story when i'm in a hurry, which, unfortunately, is most of the time.

  5. I don't have a cell phone !gasp! so I don't have any need for an app. but I do love short stories.
    Arthur C. Clarke wrote amazing ones that could break your heart and make you see things from a different perspective. ex: read, "The Star".

  6. Yup, Lorrie, I think you're on the right track. I just came away from a writers conference where one of the presenters (a long-time mid-list author) talked about the purgeoning popularity of short stories for cell phones.

    And to think that a while back people used to say "Short stories don't sell."

    maria altobelli


    maria altobelli

  7. Sorry, people, I meant burgeoning. Just goes to show what happens when you're sleep deprived. B

  8. I LOVE short stories ;) Great blog.

    I'm following from book blogs.

    Oh and here's my email:



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