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When Abigail falls in love with Justin she can’t begin to know the world of hurt she is heading into. Gorgeous, kind, rich – he’s the man we all dream to meet. BUT, all is not what it seems because Justin is a true demon from hell, disguised as a mortal being. He wants her and will do, kill or maim anyone who tries to stop him. Namely Shaun the real hero, who wants Abigail more! So what does a mortal man do against a demon? He enlists the help of a gypsy of course. But not any old gypsy. Rosa knows Justin very well and has the powers of the spirit world on her side to fight him. Using crystals as a powerful weapon, the light of the spirit world to lead them, they embark on a battle with the whole of the underworld. Many loved ones will lose their lives. This isn’t a book where everyone survives. In real life, bad things happen. In Abigail Cottage, terrible tragedies occur too. Believe... not every story can have a happy ending.

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Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Good afternoon everyone.

I’ve been tardy in updating my blog because I have been so busy commenting on others, writing books and generally running around like a headless chicken.
SOOO, I have decided to run a contest and no, I won’t bombard you with a copy of my book. Instead, I’ll snail mail you something fabulous.

All you have to do is....

If you have a kindle, go here and download a FREE chapter and tell me the name of Abbeys roommate and in what county is her inheritance?

If you don’t have a kindle...WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...No seriously, why? Leave a comment explaining YOURSELF...and you’ll be put into ‘maggies millions’ draw to win a surprise gift.

For those who don’t have a Kindle, go here And tell me who is the woman who knows Justin very well and who is the real hero in the story?

All the replies will go into a lucky dip and the winner will get something very nice from me.



  1. Bah. I can't play because I read it during its critique cycle.

    However, I think the caption to the orang-utan should be 'What has been seen cannot be unseen' and the caption to the child photo should be 'How come the monkey gets an earlier spot than me?'

    Oh, and do you know anything about carnelian? I've had a lump of it here for ages.

  2. You can still join in.

    Carnelian is one of the oldest known gemstones. It was widely used in ancient Rome to make signet or seal rings for imprinting a seal on letters or important documents (hot wax does not stick to carnelian). It is also great at helping to eliminate and reduce anger.
    On a physical level, it is used to heal lower back problems, arthritis, and activates the lower Chakras. It also helps you to feel in control of life and protects the wearer from anger, jealousy, and fear.

  3. Oooh, ooh, a contest! *waves hand* I can answer this.

    The woman who knows Justin well is Rosa, and the hero is Shaun!

  4. Oh, I forgot to explain why I don't have a Kindle.

    A - I can't afford one.

    B - I like to hold books in my hand when I read them. I like the feel of them, and I love the smell of a new book.

  5. NO KINDLE: I don't have a kindle because I don't like how restrictive Amazon is with DRMs, etc. on their books. When I got an ereader, I got a Pandigital Color and I'm very happy with it. It hasn't given me any trouble and it's easy to load books from whichever site I choose. Or download them from the ereader to the computer with no hassle, either. I prefer to download PDFs in case my ereader ever dies on me, I'll still be able to read the darn thing using my adobe reader. Kindles just aren't my thing, but my ereader? I adore it. :)

    The answer: Rosa knows Justin well, Shaun is the real hero.


  6. @LK - Shows you what I know, I couldn't even tell you the difference between a Kindle and an ereader. I thought a Kindle was an ereader! lol

  7. I have a kindle and its rosa who knows justin and shaun is the real hero.

  8. If everyone says the same names, other are just going to how does this comp work?

  9. Thanks for the question peggy. If everyone just copies, how do they know its right?? They have to go and see for themselves because there is a little twist here.



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