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Thursday, 21 April 2011

To work, or not to work!

I shouldn’t complain really. The winter was long and hard and I suffered through it NOT in silence. The garden looked desolate, the plants pitiful. Odin, my dog, broke his toe running on the snow covered grass and the dark months were fraught with tension. So now that spring is here and its hotter than the fires of hell, why am I now complaining it’s too hot? Because it is. I live near a beach and take Odin there in the mornings. It’s lovely. I always think the ocean re-energises you. Gently smoothing away tension and giving you a thorough clean from the inside out. Do I want to come back to a stuffy office and work...God no! It’s too hot. So I procrastinate. I sit in the garden and tell myself another hour and I’ll get back to work. That hour comes around and makes way for another until its stupid o’clock in the afternoon and there is no time to do anything practical.

So what I want to know do you work and manage to stay in the sunshine? How do you procrastinate?


  1. How do I procrastinate? Well, I'm kinda doing it right now... ;)

  2. Hammock, book, read or
    Pool, book, read

    It's a hard life :)

  3. Thanks for your insights ladies lol

  4. "Stupid o'clock."


    That's a new one on me...but I do believe it will find a place of honor in my vernacular!

    I usually, "one more chapter" (lather, rinse, repeat, etc.) until Stupid o'clock...

    Thanks for a fun question!



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