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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Ginger Simpson is in da house!

I thank Margaret for inviting me here today to share my favorite recipes with you. Since marrying my second husband, who is the king of the kitchen, I rarely cook anymore. I’d share some of his delightful recipes but the problem is, he doesn’t have any. He “wings it” and the results are delicious, but therein lies the problem. You’ll never get the same dish twice because he can’t remember what he put in the previous time. *smile*

So, I’ve flipped through my 3x5 card index, looking for something to share. I don’t have anything really awesome, but I do think I’ve found one you all can use at one point or another.

3 cups of tap water
1 fairly large pan

Fill a Pyrex measuring glass to the “2 cup” line and dump into the pan. Add an additional “cup” to the measuring glass and add to liquid already in the pan. No stirring necessary.

Place contents on a high flame until bubbles appear.

Voile! Boiled water!

The possibilities are endless. You can add Lipton Soup mix, Kraft Macaroni (cheese to be added after noodles cook), make hot chocolate… or you can bottle it and know that in the case of a national disaster, you have clean, boiled water for your family. Oh, and I didn’t think I had anything useful to offer. Silly me! This definitely beats my recipe for burned microwave popcorn.

Historical fact:
Did you know that the Lakota Sioux carried their water from local streams in pouches made from the stomach of the buffalo? The demise of the bison was a major factor in the tribes that so depended on these animals for everything: food, shelter, clothing, needles, bowstrings, tools. No part of a slain animal was wasted by an Indian… unlike the white men who killed them for only their pelts and left everything else to rot.

Talking about Native Americans, have a look at Gingers latest release. Fab or what!!!

Well, I think we can all say that we will all use Gingers great idea most of next year!!

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