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Thursday, 3 February 2011

I know of about 10 authors who have half finished novels sitting idle on their computers. Holds hand up slowly...I have three myself! So what can be done with them? Ask yourself WHY did you leave it. Was there something about the setting that just wasn’t quite right? Because that can make or break a good story. If so, change it. I once wrote a book based around the Victorian era. Being less that great at my research I shelved it as being too time consuming. A year later I went back to it and changed the time period to modern day. It did mean that I had to change the characterisation and a lot of the points of view from which the story was told, but it worked much better this way. Suddenly it became a whole book and a few months later was published. It’s called Abigail Cottage. It took 25 years to surface. I hope you don’t leave yours that long.

Stories need to be told. Don’t let yours sit idly gathering dust. I’d love to hear other people stories. Did one of your idle books finally see the light of day and publication? If not, are you thinking of revamping it?


  1. I have one book, about three or four chapters, languishing since 1985. Why that long? I don't know where it supposed to go.

    I have another, but only a few months old. I stopped to write a book my muse told me to write. Hidden Moon is now passed 20k words and counting. Hopefully, I'll go back to the previous after I finish. We'll see.

    Yes, I'm a new writer with my first erotic romance, Sex, Love & Happiness, due out any day now.

  2. Hi Margaret,

    I have several unfinished books on my computer. The book I had published just before Christmas, 'Deadlines' was started over six years ago, but I got gridlocked because I couldn't make my mind up about the fate of one of the characters. Once I came to a clear decision the novel started to flow again.


  3. Would you believe, I have none, except the book I am working on now. Does that make me strange? Okay, I'm strange.
    Honestly, being a short story writer and only now converting to novella length, (it's published) and presently working on my first novel,well ... I really don't have any sitting in my computer. Without a doubt, I probably will have a few in the future. lol

  4. Hand up, head down (shame, shame). I have many novels in deep-sleep. I'm a carrot on a stick person - always chasing the next exciting story idea. I start a book, nut out the characters, figure out the plot, the turning points and the critical moments...and then I write the first 40,000-odd words and I GET BORED. I am often asked, where do I get my inspiration. Every-damned-where! But -- wait for it -- I have found a way to keep me moving forward and that is to send a partial to an editor and receive a request for a full manuscript. I tell you, that really lights a fire under my backside. Best way yet I've found to finish the damned book.:)

  5. I have a few sitting unfinished. Mostly the reason behind their being ignored is that I can only work on so many at one time and I've chosen to work on others instead. Some idea sounded better and grabbed my attention. There are some that I plan to go back and finish though I probably won't go back to my first novel. I like the idea but I like all my ideas so need a little more than that for me to choose one to write.

    It's hard for me to focus. I'm trying to figure out which book will be the one (as in the one to send out and get published) but it's hard to figure out.

  6. Proudly raising both hands in the air. Why? Because these stories were started in November and it's the first time I've had so much creativity. There are at least 12! This weekend's project is to pick one and get to work.

  7. lol apart from Lorrrie (who is not insane, just organised lol) we are all badduns!!!
    I loved all your comments, but I can only pick one for a fabbo gift and the name out of the hat is our new writer Dennis.....loud raucous applause...... See you all back here soon for more confessions heh heh heh



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