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Tuesday, 15 February 2011


It has taken me sometime to get through this book as I have been slammed with so much work recently. Anyway, I've managed to complete it and here is the review for

Cursed mates, by Cara Marsi

In Maine strange things are happening. People are being attacked and killed by wolves. One problem. There shouldn't be any wolves in Maine. It's sherrif isn't the most agreeable person, mix that with an NYPD detective, a witch and a few Vampires give it a good stir, and the North Woods becomes impregnated with all sorts of supernatural goings on.

Kyla Yaeger is a feisty werewolf hunter. Although her cover is the owner of a thriving video software company, with her foster brother Todd, in reality she works for Hunter-Wolf, an organization whose one aim is to wipe-out any supernatural’s who pose a threat to human life. Kyla is on the trail of a black wolf, whom to her is more than just any old werewolf. It's a demon destructive in any shape or form.
The final ingredient to the mix is Nick Radford. A 500 year old werewolf intent on freeing himself from the curse that has blighted his life. He has never killed a human – yet. But as the monster within him grows stronger, he is deeply afraid of losing the little bit of humanity he has left. To stop the nightmare, he needs to
kill the one who sired him.

When he meets Kyla – phew the attraction is instant, but so is a deep suspicion. Each want the other, but Kyla is reluctant. Men and her just don’t seem to gel well. When Nick finally realises what Kayla is and what she is hunting, he is resigned that he will meet his death at her hands. When her foster brother, Todd disappears everyone looks at Nick as being the one responsible. Kyla armed to the hilt with werewolf killing paraphernalia, begins to hunt him down. Refusing to acknowledge that she loves him.

My Thoughts.s

Cursed Mates is a Story between two people, each carrying separate curses. I found it to be well written, but I would have liked the cover to be more passionate. I don't feel it reflects the emotion cleverly written into this story. The characters felt very real. Kayla is the feisty woman in all of us, but she is out for vengeance. A powerful driving force.

Their endless struggle not to unite makes you feel like you want to bash their heads together sometimes. Their goals are really the same at the end of the day. I found myself edging them on, while in the back of my mind wondering if it would all end in tears.

The dialogue was a bit of a letdown in part. It seemed very awkward in places. BUT, overall this is a real page turner. I enjoyed it.

Rating 4 stars.


  1. Thank you, Margaret. I'm so glad you enjoyed Cursed Mates.

  2. Mmm I do like a good werewolf action romance.If you say its ok, then I'm off to check it out.

  3. The last book you recommended had me spell bound for days. I might just try this one.

  4. Reading that snippet, I don't think the cover gives the book the right impression, and is too laid back for it. But, the book itself sounds as if it will be a good read. Fingers crossed it does well for you Cara.

  5. Thanks for the review, some books keep couples apart too long until it becomes annoying but it sounds like they get together just right.

  6. I can't help but ask - how does a werewolf get to be 500 years old? I mean, it's not like they're immortal. Vampires are undead, so that explains that. But werewolves aren't. And their monthly change must be hard on their bodies. So where does one get to be 500? Thanks in advance for satisfying my curiousity.

  7. Julie Lynn, thanks for the question. I've read paranormals where the werewolves are immortal. However, my Nick was cursed by a demon to roam the Earth forever. So it was more of a curse than the usual werewolf bite. I hope that answers your question.



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