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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Lorrie Struiff

Good Morning. As the sun is shining here today and it's quite warm for a change, I've orbed Lorrie Struiff away from the snow and over to my lounge today to have a cup of tea and talk about about her thoughts on life.

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Morning everyone. It's nice to be here in the warm sunshine. I've forgotten what it's like!

Do you need a short breather from real life? Some time to just relax, escape into another world? Concentrate on one thing instead of multi-tasking and doing a million things at once?
Don’t we all deserve that little bit of “me” time?

You may think of long bubble baths while sipping a glass of wine. Or perhaps you like taking long walks alone to enjoy nature. Or locking yourself in the bedroom and sticking your head under a pillow to shut out the world. Yes, we all need some “me” time.

I hope you’re like me and like to take that little breather by reading a novel or a short story.

Step out of your busy world for a few moments and come along with John May who is part of Bug’s Malone’s gang in the late Twenties, the time of prohibition, Capone and flappers. He gets a Valentine gift history doesn’t forget in “A Bloody Valentine Day.”

Or, you may prefer to dance with Lisa and Eduardo as they go for the gold and make forbidden plans in “Paso Doble.”

Oh, then of course, there is Winnie, the poor dear. She tries to do something special, like parachuting in tandem with her husband for their anniversary. I have to say it doesn’t turn out well for her when she goes splat. But her revenge is sweet in the humorous short story-- what else but, “Splat.”

All have been previously published in anthologies. I do hope you’ll take that little “me” time and download a quick breather just for you.

Buy A Bloody valentine

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  1. Is Bugs Malone your character, Lorrie? I saw that it's a fictionalized account, so I'm guessing he's based on Bugs Moran? And the St. Valentine's Day massacre? Interesting time, Prohibition, I've written about it myself. Have you seen the Untouchables? Not the movie, the old series, featuring Robert Stack? Good stuff. My daughter and I are netflixing it.

    Your Paso Doble book reminds me of Strictly Ballroom, which is where I learned what that was. It's a beautiful Baz Luhrmann film, and I even like it better than Moulin Rouge.

    For me time, I often watch a movie or a show, or read a book. They take me away, and fill my soul so that I can continue writing. Everyone needs me time, I agree.

    Good luck with your stories, Lorrie, have a wonderful day!

  2. I adore that red dress on the cover lorrie. It makes you want to buy it just to keep the dress lol

  3. Just read Paso Doble and loved it! Looking forward to reading your other work. It's a great escape from daily doldrums!

  4. YOur books look to be good reading, and the covers suit them. OMG 'me time'!!!! Well my me time starts when I sit down to eat my breakfast with the book I am currently reading, and I can still be reading at lunch, with what I call my cup of tea read. Then realize I finished the book, and have to really think positive about not starting another one. So yes I am a real book addict, paper turning books that is !!!!

  5. I'm with Country Queen when she talks about "paper turning books" but all this electronic stuff is where the future is headed (and let's face it, the future is already here). At a recent conference, one of the presenters said there is a big market for short stories on the cell phone.

    I'm betting that more and more we'll see audio books so people can have them on their iPods when driving, walking, shopping for groceries. That would be cool.

    The blurbs sound great, Lorrie, and the covers sure are eye-catching. You're bound to catch your share of the new wave. Congrats on joining the new writers generation.

    My me time is walking the dogs. So that's where I'm headed right now. Enjoy that sunlight. I won't dig it in about the Mexican sun.

    And again, congrats. Anyone who hasn't read Lorrie is in for a fantastic reading adventure.

    Maria Altobelli

  6. Two of my favorite people in one place. How great is that? Boy, now I've got at least two more books to add to my Kindle. I need a bigger budget. Thanks for the escape from the dreary Tennessee weather today. You two always bring sunshine wherever you go.

  7. Happy to have already partaken of Lorrie's little escapes from life. She's a damned good writer, and I hope these shorts will give her a whole new audience beyond her excellent paranormal suspense novel, Gypsy Crystal.

    I'm eager to see what she comes up with next.

  8. Oh Julie, my fingers didn't know what they were doing. I must have had Malone in my head when I meant Moran. Bad, bad, bad fingers.

    The story is actually from the POV of John May, a mechanic for Bug's and the POV of his fictional mother. All the facts in the story are true. The names, places, dates, events and even the newspaper clippings. I think I got carried away with the research. You know how that goes.

    I remember the Untouchables TV series. Poor Ness was always after Capone. Strange, both gangleaders died of sexual disease.

    Peggy, yep that red dress is gorgeous. Few know I had been a ballroom dance teacher and manager for a large chain. And a gold medalist. I did a lot of exhibition work for the studio and this dance is for real, but, ahem, not the other part. lol.

    Glad you enjoyed Paso Doble Cate, now when watching Dance With the Stars, you'll know what the dance signifies. Many were surprised.

    Country Queen, I'm a paper lover too, but what's a writer supposed to do in this fast moving electronic world? It's almost scary.

    Maria, so many I know now listen to audio books on their way to work, or with headphones while walking their dogs. I'd be afraid while walking. I know I'd trip over my own feet.

    Hi Ginger. Your weather? I just got back from shopping. Here in Pgh it's windy, wet and snowy. Almost to the point of foggy outside. Plain sloppy. Hurry up spring.

    Thanks Marva, you are certainly a friend indeed, and usually in need. You have helped me getting these out there, and a big thanks from this computer klutz.

  9. I love the cver with the dress to, so i am going to get it from that smashsword's like amazon, isn't it??

  10. Yes, Toni, I believe it is. Although this is my first foray into self-publishing so I'm not quite sure how all of this works. I do know you can scroll down on the first page to choose which sort of download you want. lol, from there you're on your own. If you have a problem, touch base with Margaret, she will let me know.

  11. Splat sounds hilarious! I can't imagine tandem jumping with my husband. I nag if I think he's driving too fast. ;)

  12. Yep Lulilut. Poor Winnie doesn't like the idea either, and when she goes SPLAT because of her dirty, rotten husband, lol, the fun begins. She does get her revenge. She is quite the character.

  13. Hey Lorrie,

    Congrats on all the publications!
    I've read 'Splat'-my personal favorite- and 'A Bloody Valentine'. I just bought 'Paso Doble' from Smashword-though I keep calling it Smashmouth...I know, I'm weird.
    I also love the covers on all of them!

    I'm a paper lover also but because technology is creeping up faster than I want, I just got a Kindle. I figure I better learn now rather than try and catch up later.

    Lately, I feel like there's no time for 'me time'. When I can, my first indulgence is writing. I love to disappear in a world that I've created. Second would be to snuggle up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and either read a book or and watch a good movie.

    As I look into my crystal ball, I see great things in your future! ;)
    Like that?
    Congrats again!!!



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