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Monday, 19 April 2010

Welcome Nedyne Shorts Nettles

Today I’d like to welcome, Nedyne Shorts. Here is a bit about her.

HI Margaret. Thank you for having me today.

I grew up in Sunny Los Angeles California and loved to go to the beach. I would sit for hours reading books like Treasure Island and Great Expectations.I watch movies and love a good saga. Finally anyone who knows me realizes I am a die hard Young and the Restless fan even though I feel the story line isn’t desirable at this time. I am a psychology major who loves to write in my spare time. I find writing is escapism. Poison Reality: a symphony of bittersweet.

A bittersweet symphony, Huh! I think your book will be very interesting, Nedyne. So tell me, what drew you to write in your current genre?

I decided to write suspense novels because I love the intrigue. I want to be wowed and not bored when I read. The content of a story has to grab me in the first few pages to be of interest. And the same with a movie and this is why I like this particular genre.

And it's so diverse. You're not bound by limits.

Although I have only written one novel, I have written many psychological papers for school. School doesn’t afford me a lot of time to venture outside of school work so when I am able to do so it’s enough with the facts and on to fiction. Fiction is an escape, a way to relax.

I also feel it's a way to escape from reality. Make your own world, so to speak.

Writing is a development. I like to let the characters come into their own. I analyze the lives of my friends. Like a creator or a mad scientist I give my characters life.

And thats what makes you a good writer. To make a character three dimensional is no easy feat. So what's your latest release about?

My latest release is Poison Reality:a symphony of bittersweet and it delve into the heart of several characters exposing their flaws and weakness in a way of letting the reader identify with them.

I'm always proud when a reader tells me they felt something for one of my characters. It shows I've done my job! I'm sure you'll be getting letters saying the same thing. So where can everyone find you?

Readers can follow me on the website at Http:// or look me up on Face book and I will add them as a friend. Also they can go to BK Walker books for our virtual book tour.

I feel so lucky to be a host for Authors Promoting Authors. Fans can get all the information they need from BK Walker Books
I know your new to writing, but how do you deal with rejection letters?

I don’t. I just keep my eyes on the prize and forge on because “nothing beats a failure, but a try.”

Let me grab my coffee and tell me more about Poison reality. I'm intrigued.

I sat down and tried to picture poison Reality: a symphony of Bittersweet in terms of actors and actresses. After careful thought I found that Vierna Bates would be Vanessa Williams. Vierna who found herself facing divorce couldn’t understand why her husband Greg wanted to leave her. Greg would be played by Shamar Moore. He was a very handsome gentleman who found a young girl Melissa whom he wanted to marry.

Melissa was a smart girl who worked at Spree’s Pharmaceutical Company. Greg wined and dined her and found that she was the love of his life. Melissa would be played by Lisa Rae. Melissa missed all the signs that he was married. He only called her and told her not to call him. He picked her up early made sure she was home early no matter what. They never went to popular places always somewhere remote. Greg had a very handsome cousin Anthony. Anthony would be played by Cuba Gooding Jr. Anthony had a lover named Jimmy. Anthony was a fitness instructor at a hotel where he lived. His boyfriend Jimmy played by Brad Pitt was a psychologist. Anthony contracted the new disease Aids and breaks it off with Jimmy. He meets Terry Trainor in the hospital. She also has the new disease and she is a comfort to him. She would read the bible to him and became someone he cared about. Terry Trainor would be played by Jennifer Hudson. Terry has two friends that come together for her sake. Betty played by “Jacqui ,Rose played by Jennifer Lewis or Melba Moore . Rose is married to the main character Ned played by Daniel Sanjai (AtRisk)or Vin Diesel. Ned is an alcoholic and psychopath. Rose is very introverted and abused. He is in and out of the live of many and commits several crimes that are investigated by a handsome detective played by Denzel Washington. His girlfriend Desiree played by Kerry Washington is the aunt of a teen who becomes involved in a street gang the blue eagles. Skeets, the nephew is played by Zane Copeland Jr or Sean Patrick Thomas. He has no one to take care of him because Desiree has two jobs and on the weekends likes to go out. The story is surrounded by the realities of life. The detective has his hands full trying to solve two murder cases that are worlds apart or are they? What is the thread that ties all these characters together? This story has so many twists and turns it will keep you on the edge of your seat. I promise.

What a great synopsis. I know everyone will be as fascinated as I am, Nedyne. Where can we buy a copy?

Poison Reality: a symphony of bittersweet. You can buy it from or

Thank you Nedyne. It's been a pleasure!

Please leave a comment. She'll be thrilled to hear from you.

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