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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

What inspires your muse??

The virtual book tour is going a treat, with tons of authors participating and hosting. If you would like to join in the fun, drop me an email and I'll direct you to the hosting/guest co-ordinator.

Right now, I'd like to talk about your muse!!

I don’t know about you, but I hate listening to music as I write. It distracts me and I end up listening to the track rather than writing. But I do know someone who plays rock and roll, full pitch, while she sits at her computer tapping away, totally immune to the racket around her.

I also hate being spoken to when I'm writing lol seriously, I do! My husband calls it the ‘dead hour’ when I'm locked away in my office. He says anything could happen and I’d be oblivious to it all. My ears automatically switch off if it's not to do with what I'm writing about.

What I’d like to know is, what do you like around you when you write? A picture of something calm in front of you, or something busier. Loud music, calm and classical, or regular chart music. What inspires your muse?

At the end of the day all the people who comment, will go into a draw to win one of my Meditation CD's. Let’s hope it’s not someone who likes rock and roll!!!!!!


  1. What sparks my muse? I like the sound of nature..Often I will hide in the backyard and write to the sounds of the birds singing in the trees.

  2. The dead hour. LOL! That's cute.

    I have to have noise in the background. Whether it's a movie or TV show I've seen, or really loud music. Well, the music depends on what I'm writing. I have multiple playlists. I can't write in silence, my mind wanders and I can't focus.

  3. My muse is a big fan of music. A simple song lyric can get my creative juices flowing. The right artist can keep me going through an entire work. I guess my muse finds music that speaks to a certain character.

  4. Unfortunately, I have a noise in my head that I can't turn off. The only things louder than the constant "buzzing" of blood through a twisted carotid artery which I hear 24/7 are the demanding voice of characters who parade through my head with demands about their stories. I always try to keep something in the background that I hear more than what my husband calls, "that pissed off bumble bee in a jar" noise. Usually, I listen to the TV because it's not something I actually focus on. I'm like you, ...give me music and I get too involved in listening and singing...well some might call it singing. *lol* I've never tried meditation...maybe I should.

  5. The sound of silence is all I need for my muse to get down to work. If I turn on music, I only block it out. My stories play visually in my head, so my mind's engaged in translating what's on the virtual screen to the page or PC.

  6. I always have music playing. It feeds the creative juices to get the words on the screen. I change my playlist to the mood of my writing.

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