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Friday, 1 July 2011

Internet Bhahhh

Morning folks.
Why is it when I'm excruciatingly busy does the Internet decided to play up and virtually die? What's the problem sent to drive me crazy? Tree's! Yup, you heard me, I said Trees. Evidently one grew up over night and is now blocking my signal to whatever it needs to be able to work. Then, to add insult to injury, the engineer says I have to wait TWO weeks for them to fit a pole to make my receiver higher. Come on, Really? TWO WEEKS! I could get an axe and chop the thing down quicker! Unfortuatly I'd be arrested, but that may not be a deterrant if this keeps on.
For now I am trying to carry on and keep calm when my Internet is slower than a Ferrari running on prune juice!

I was supposed to be on the Fabulous Book Boost site yesterday. I'd waited a month for that slot. But I couldn't even view it, never mind log on and say something. I also have a regular thursday 'Food for thought' blog day with Authors Promoting Authors.

A great site to join if you haven't already.

As I rather like the post thats was on Book Boost, I am putting it here as well. Its an old revamped one. But I'm quite attached to it, so have another read. I'm doing a give away as my latest release Spirit Intervention is a romance with a difference. It has ghosts helping the living. Always a plus in my book of life lol

I have a beautiful Chinese style purse that I will post to the author or reader with the best true life romance story. It's an international contest so it maters not where you hail from.
I await your stories with bated breath.

What is Romance? If I had to define it, I’d say that it's the very essence of life. Without it you will forever miss out on an essential component which makes you whole. It brings identity to your relationship. Distracted and occasionally jaded from the daily grind of life, it's quite possible to forget that your partner ever had feelings. The flame that once seared your veins with passion, filled your heart with bliss, begins to diminish into a pale glow of insignificance. Complacency sets in. The silent and fatal murderer of relationships.

So where does romance come from? Extravagant gestures, flowery words? No, that is just a tiny part of it. Romance comes from the heart. William Shakespeare once wrote, Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind. And therefore is winged Cupid is painted blind. Hence the saying, love is blind.

To hold onto love there has to be romance and that’s why I am a romance writer. You write your own love story with every deed and action you do in your life. My life is full of romance every day because my husband and I put ourselves out to make sure it’s like that.

The most romantic thing he ever did for me was when we were first together. We had been dating a month. My car was clapped out and dead on its wheels and I was struggling to get the children to school on time as it kept breaking down. One morning he posted an envelope through my door and inside was a key and instructions to walk up the road and take the first left. I did as I was told and parked up was a little blue mini, covered in flowers with a huge pink bow on top. It wasn’t brand new, it wasn’t pristine, but it was like a Rolls Royce to me. He had spent all his free time fixing it up (he was a mechanic) just so I would have a car that was safe for me and the children. To top it all off, he had filled the inside with flowers. It mean't I couldn't get in straight away to test drive it, but what the hell. LOL That memory has stayed with me for sixteen years and it never fails to make me smile.

Not all romances are fairytales. Some are bittersweet. I hope yours is always filled with flowers and grace.

1 comment:

  1. Read your top comment about internet woes. Today has been the internet problem from hell for me. I'm such a computer klutz, and I think I just bought a program I don't need. How's that for stupid. lol. I couldn't get on the net and it just took off from there.

    Anyway, my romance with my computer and internet is not very romantic today.



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